RelayRides Pizzapalooza Bowlathon – Phototastic Rememberization

Howdy Riders! We just wanted to sincerely thank everyone who made it out last week to our first Pizzapalooza Bowlathon; we had an awesome time, and hopefully you all did too! For those of you that didn’t make it, you missed out – but the good news is that we’ll be having more fun (and free!) events in the near future. It was wonderful finally getting to meet some of our lovely owners and borrowers – you guys wowed us with how friendly you were; people were literally making new buddies right in front of our eyes. Those new friendships were a big part of why we want to do events like these: strengthening the community. After all, RelayRides wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for our amazing community; we rely on you guys to lend and borrow each others’ cars, treating everyone and their possessions with kindness and respect. To help us remember the fun time, we took some photos of the event. We gotta say, some of you have some intimidating game-faces! (or were those your too much free beer faces?) Read on to see some of the best shots. And if any of you have ideas for where to have our next event, shout out in the comments.

Borrowers having fun!

The world’s greatest speech!

Founder & CCO Shelby Clark!

Lookin’ good! -Team RelayRides (P.S. see even more fun pictures on our Facebook page)