Cars in the Spotlight

As you all know, we recently redesigned and revamped the RelayRides website. Our old site didn’t allow much freedom in showing off your car, and as a result, it was difficult for potential borrowers to get a good idea of the car they were going to be using. Here are some details and examples on how that’s all changed:

Now, you can easily upload multiple photos of your car and present it in the best way possible. Just look at how much cooler that car above is compared to what it would look like as a generic gray cutout.

Way better!

Also, instead of automatically assigning a generic block of text to each car, the new RelayRides site lets you write personalized descriptions, tips, and requests for the borrowers of your car. These descriptions make it easier for people to get a sense for your car before they sign up and start driving it.

You can also check off features that apply to your car (for example, if your car is a Prius, and you wouldn’t mind having people drive their pets around in it, you can register it as a hybrid and pet friendly). Potential borrowers who are looking for these specific features can search on them and find your car to be a perfect fit.

So go on – make your cars look interesting by snapping some neat photos and writing up a puntastic description!

-Sarah Hartenbaum

Team RelayRides