Owner Marketing Tools

Owners have often asked us for ideas and suggestions about how to best market their car, while other owners have chimed in with their own helpful thoughts. To make things even easier for our new owners, we’ve compiled some best practices into one helpful Owner Marketing Toolkit. Follow these handy instructions and you’re sure to get even more money from your RelayRide!

Tell Your Friends & Colleagues

Let’s start with something real simple: tell your friends and colleagues about how they can now borrow your ride at a low, low rate.

Make an Impression with Custom Collateral

Your biggest impact is going to come from real face-to-face conversations with your friends and neighbors. Your car is a great new resource near to them, so they’ll be happy to hear about it. To make a bigger impression, leave a business card or postcard with them so they’ll remember your car when they signup.

Reach Your Online Friends with Social Media

The internet’s a powerful tool, and using simple services like Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus will allow you to market your vehicle to friends you don’t get to see in the real world as often. Try posting a sample message like this:

Looking for a new way to get around town? Borrow my 2015 Toyota Prius at 123 Fake St. for just $5/hr.

Get Personal with an Email Blast

Not all your friends use social networks, but don’t worry, you can still go after them with a personalized email. Try something like this:

Hey friends, I wanted to let you all know about RelayRides – a fantastic and affordable new way to get around town. Now, whenever you need a ride, you can simply borrow mine. My car, a 2015 Toyota Prius, goes for just $5/hr. and is conveniently located at 123 Fake St. San Francisco, CA. Best of all, all rentals include gas, insurance, and no late fees.

So, stop wasting your money on cabs or that zippy other carsharing service and join RelayRides today. You’ll get $25 of free driving when you sign up, so your first trip in Ol’ Betsy will be free! Visit my car’s page to learn more.

Up The Ante with A Customized Email Signature

John Doe

[E] john@email.com | [T] 1-222-333-4444

Looking for a new way to get around town? Borrow my 2015 Prius for just $5/hr. Check it out!

Extend Your Reach on Your Blog, Personal Website, or Forum

Do you have a personal webpage, blog, or forum that you’re part of? Try posting this text to really grab viewers:

Need a ride? Try borrowing my car for just $5/hr. It’s conveniently located at 123 Fake St. San Francisco, CA. and includes insurance and no late fees. So the next time your chasing down that bus you just missed, think about taking Ol’ Betsy for a spin instead.

Spread the Word in Your Neighborhood

Telling your friends is a great start, but if you really want to make the big bucks, you’re going to have to aim higher: your whole neighborhood! Your car is a great new resource for your community, providing sustainable mobility at an unbeatable price, so go hit the streets.

Partner with Local Businesses

Where do you find lots of people nearby? At their favorite shops and restaurants, of course. Head out to your local coffee shop, bookseller, or cafe and put up some RelayRides fliers. Ask if you can leave a stack of your custom postcards too. But remember, don’t simply leave your stuff in a pile, work with the business to ensure maximum visibility and results. Don’t take no for an answer, you’re helping to strengthen your community! See any big apartment complexes nearby? That’s another great place to put up some posters and postcards.

Place Doorhangers on Nearby Houses

Another very effective piece of marketing material you can make are “doorhangers.” Simply slip these around the doorknobs of your neighbors’ residences and when they return home, they’ll know all about your great ride down the block. The more houses you hit, the more customers you can get.

Go Local Online Too

Going local doesn’t mean you can’t target your community online too. There are a number of great resources that let you list your vehicle so that your community will see it. Some of the best options are to list your car (using your vehicle page’s custom URL) on Google Places (so it shows up on maps), FourSquare, and Yelp (where you can mention your own car in a review of RelayRides in either San Francisco or Boston.) All these properties are very important, as they’ll give your car great visibility when people are searching for resources near them.

Craigslist also has a rideshare section where you should list your vehicle, as well as respond to requests for transportation. Make sure to give your listing some character and your best photos. Think of all these as free advertising, so milk them for what they’re worth!

Leverage Your Existing Community

You might not know it, but there are already a number of ways you are connected to your local community; you can leverage these connections to promote your RelayRide.

Give RelayRides a Shout-out at an Event

Think of all the community events you already attend: neighborhood organizations, religious gatherings, or maybe even local potlucks; these are all great opportunities to tell your community about a great new resource they have: your car. At the next event you attend, don’t be shy, speak up and tell your fellow gatherers about how they can now rent your ride at a great price. After all, you’re saving them money and making their world a little greener! After you leave, don’t forget to drop off some fliers or postcards.

Hold Your Own RelayRides Meetup

If you’re feeling more ambitious, you can even hold your own RelayRides event. By dedicating the entire event to spreading the word about your car, you’re sure to make a huge impact. Plus, it’s a great way to meet new people in your neighborhood. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, maybe just 10 to 20 people over in your house or a nearby park, drinking, eating, getting to know one another, and learning about RelayRides.

Advertise Your Car Online

All these previous ideas are great, but there are still some people you won’t be able to reach with those methods. To get as broad a reach as possible, we recommend investing in a little bit of online advertising. It doesn’t cost much, and RelayRides will even help you pay for it.

Advertise on Facebook

Facebook Ads are easy to set up and can target your friends and their friends to add legitimacy to the offer. Make sure you set the ads to run in just your city.

Advertise on Google

MyAdEngine is a great way to get your car listed in Google searches. It’s easy to customize so that the text you want runs in just your city. Or if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can go straight to AdWords.

Advertise Locally

Go to a local news site to get hyper-local placement. Boston members should check out Boston.com’s YourTown Flyerboard, while San Franciscans can post on SFGate’s Local Flyerboard.

Try This Sample Ad Text (Feel Free to Get Creative!)

Need a ride?
Try borrowing my car for just $5/hr.+ Insurance Included

Use RelayRides’ $50 Advertising Match

RelayRides will cover half of your monthly advertising expenses, up to $100 worth (so $50 from us.) To redeem, simply email a copy of your receipts to support@relayrides.com by the 5th of the month. RelayRides reserves the right to modify or cancel the advertising match program at any time, given one month’s notice.

Increase Your Earnings Other Ways

While that about wraps up all the ways to market your RelayRide, there are a few other things you should always be aware of to ensure you are earning as much as possible with the RelayRides system.

Check Your Pricing And Availability

If your car is never available, you’re never going to make any money; it’s as simple as that! We’ve found that the most popular times for borrowers are weekends and evenings, so if you can avoid those times, you’ll have more opportunities for your car to be rented. When you are taking trips in your car, try to lump as many errands together at a time; not only will this open up more time for borrowers, but it’ll save you time and gas money.

As for pricing, use the RelayRides search function to see what other cars are available near yours. Is your price competitive? After all, while you might think Ol’ Betsy is priceless, nobody is going to pay $20/hr for your hatchback when there’s a nicer car down the street for less. While you might worry that you’ll earn slightly less per trip now, you should more than make up for it with higher volume.

Refer Friends to RelayRides

Referring friends to RelayRides is a great way to earn some credit at all times, but can be especially helpful for new owners still waiting for locals to discover their car. Borrowers are worth $10 of driving credit, while owners are worth $25. So start referring today!