Hey Neighbor! Win $1,000 in Our Awesome New Photo Contest

Look at that beautiful billboard! Obviously, you want to run out to the street and find the nearest one near you, be it a giant billboard like that, or something smaller like a bus shelter or subway station wall. Once you find it, what are you gonna do? Take a picture of it! Then, upload it to our Facebook and you could win $1,000, and a plush bathrobe (once you see all our ads, that second part will make more sense.)

There are huge prizes for everyone; beyond the thousand bucks we’re giving out thousands of dollars of driving credit, as well as other fun prizes like leather chaps and toothbrushes. The more people you get to “like” your photo, the more you win. So what are you waiting for? Check out our Facebook for more details, and then grab your camera and get snapping!

And if you’re thinking “well, what’s the deal with the actual billboard?” we’re just spreading the RelayRides passion! If you’re an owner, we want to help get you new borrowers to make you even more money. And if you’re a borrower, this way you’ll have even more cars to choose from. Think of it as our little way of saying “we love you.” So if you love us back, go participate in our contest!