Really, You Really Ride Realyride?

We get tons of great car owner and car renter feedback. But sometimes we don’t know whether to be insulted or happy or simply amused. We’ve found that our lovely potential car renters misspell our company in some of the most creative ways.

First, the most common mistakes are that we are not singular – RelayRide – as we have lots of cars.

Second, there is no space between Relay and Ride. (Just as there is no space in a running relay with a baton, when one person hands immediately off to the next.)

Coming in third place there are a number of creative approaches. From the Relay Car (yes, we are cars, but also trucks and minivans and SUVs and more) to the Really Rides and its cousin Realy Rides (yes, you really can rent a car, but really?) Also here we need to include the Relyrides, (with its relayriders) as well as ReallyRides, RealyRides, and the singular Relyride, ReallyRide, and RealyRide.

Oh, we are not part of a road rally, you typers of raleyrides and raleyride. And while you can drive a car that you rent with us, Relaydrives, RelayDrive, Relay Drives, and Relay Drive, are also not our name.

Other honorable mentions include replayrides – we do have used cars but we are not on replay – and the almost-flattering Ready Ride and ReadyRide (and ReadyRides!)

PS. While we know Zipcar gets quite a few Zip Cars, and Hertz gets Hertez, (and everyone is challenged by Enterprise), we do have a bit of Alamo and Avis envy.