Green Driving Tips

Sure, using RelayRides is green. But did you know there are even more little things you could do to make a big impact on the world?
When you drive, slow down. Every 5 miles over 60 miles per hour costs 29 cents extra for every gallon of gas you use. And its even more if you are going over 70 miles per hour.

Drive without your feet. Well, sorta. People who accelerate smoothly evenly and, and then anticipate their stops, coasting and using no fee whenever possible, are estimated to save $1 or more per gallon. (EPA)

Go on a diet. Dump the trunk. Shed the pounds. Every pound of stuff you carry around in your car makes the engine work harder.

Streamline your silhouette. Aerodynamics really do matter. Whenever possible, de-accessorize by taking off the bike rack, the football flag pennant and the stuffed Snoopy on the grill. And roll up the windows, especially at high speeds, as they act as drag on the overall form of the car.

Finally, stop. When you are not using your car, just turn it off. A car siting in idle is not a fuel-efficient car. Fifteen minutes of idling can burn a quarter of a gallon of gas, or more with the AC on.

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