RelayRides Neighbor-to-Neighbor Car Sharing Marketplace Is Now Available Nationwide!

From the Redwood Forests to the Gulfstream Waters, Start Riding and Renting!

March 5th marks a big step forward for the RelayRides community. Today, we have become the first and only peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace available nationwide. For the first time, the benefits of car sharing are now accessible in neighborhoods throughout America, from major cities to rural towns. With owners making an average of $250 per month and drivers renting cars for as little as $5 per hour, what’s not to like?

The most exciting part of launching nationwide is finally being able to meet the demand of the thousands of requests we have received to expand into more communities. Since we launched in Boston and San Francisco back in 2010, people have been asking us to make neighbor-to-neighbor car sharing available in their towns. We are proud to finally meet this demand.

The reasons for participating in car sharing are varied: some people want to help reduce pollution and traffic, others are looking for a way to make extra money by renting their idle cars, and some drivers just need a way to get where they’re going in style or on the cheap. For over a decade car sharing has been available in big cities, but until now, people outside of these dense urban areas have not been able to enjoy the benefits of car sharing. Today, this changes.

Now, every eligible driver can participate in this green, simple and economically sensible answer to the traditional car ownership model through a new key exchange program. If you own a car, simply arrange a time and place to give your keys to the renter, and they are ready to ride. This is the simplest way for renters and drivers everywhere to quickly begin participating in RelayRides’ car sharing service— you can rent a car or have your car listed for rental in the RelayRides marketplace in minutes.

As we continue to grow the RelayRides community, security remains our number one priority. That’s why before we let a borrower join our service we check their driving record to make sure they’re going to treat your car right. But, on the chance something happens, our $1 million comprehensive insurance policy and team of renter and driver support staff will take care of your issues immediately—keeping you and your personal insurance completely unaffected.

If you are a car owner and are excited about making money, sign up now here and learn how to maximize your car’s potential with our clever marketing tips here. Within no time your automobile will paying for itself.

If you don’t have a car, but want to rent cars from people near you for as little as $5 dollars/hour, start riding here.

So, today, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to the RelayRides community to our neighbors all across the country. We look forward to growing with you, and helping to make your communities a little bit better places to live.


Shelby Clark

Founder and Chief Community Officer, RelayRides