Happy Earth Day, RelayRiders!

Learn about RelayRides’ green side and meet up with us during our weeklong Earth Day celebration.
Once again, Earth Day is here, and we couldn’t be more excited about celebrating sustainability, the Earth and all things green. In fact, we are so excited that we have decided to make Earth Day 2012 a weeklong celebration.

What RelayRides Is Doing to Celebrate

This year, RelayRides will be celebrating the environment with our friends for a week, starting on Friday, April 20th at the Google campus for their annual Earth Day celebration. We will follow that up with festivities on Sunday, April 22nd at the San Francisco Civic Center for Earth Day San Francisco. And finally, we will conclude our Earth Day activities on Thursday, April 26th at the HP campus for their Earth Day Vendor Fair.

If you are going to be on the Google or HP campus, stop by our booth to chat and learn more about how green peer-to-peer car sharing is. For those of you in San Francisco this weekend, make a plan to come to the Civic Center to enjoy some great live music as well as great panels and speakers, including the Sharing Economy Panel, which I will be moderating at 1:00 PM at the Speaker Dome. Our great speakers will include Lisa Gansky, author of “The Mesh“; Tim Hyer, Founder and CEO of Getable; John Zimmer, Founder & CEO of Zimride, Morgan Fitzgibbons of the WIGG Party. Also, be sure to check out RelayRides’ booth at the Civic Center.

Why We Are Excited about Earth Day

As a pioneer in car sharing, we have always been proud of our ‘green’ DNA. Not only is car sharing a great way to build a community around better utilizing idle assets and developing transportation solutions that make economic sense, but also car sharing is a really great way to make transportation more sustainable.

With the average driver participating in a car sharing program generally driving less and budgeting their driving a lot better than would if they owned a car, car sharing is the perfect means of getting from place to place while shrinking our carbon footprints. Specifically, every shared car on the road takes between 12 – 15 cars off of the road, and the fewer cars on the streets means lower traffic, lower vehicle emissions and less dependence on oil. In 2009, car sharing lowered global carbon dioxide emissions by about 482,170 tons, or half the weight of the Golden Gate Bridge. Not a bad stat for Earth Day, right?

And the green story for peer-to-peer car sharing vs. traditional car sharing only gets better. Unlike traditional car sharing the peer-to-peer model makes use of idle, private vehicles, meaning that additional cars are not added to the road, but rather renters use idle cars. Given that the average American car is driven about an hour a day, many owners are making these idle, depreciating assets work for them. Finding a way to better utilize those cars will lead to fewer cars on the road, less driving, and a greener environment.

Happy Earth Day!

Shelby Clark