Making money off your car Mondays – Using social media to promote your listing

Happy Monday everyone! I am going to explain how you can use social networks to get more reservation requests. More reservation requests means you’re making more money off your vehicle! Additionally, since your social connections are usually friends, family, classmates, or coworkers you know they’ll take good care of your vehicle.

Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

Once you list your vehicle on RelayRides, make sure to tell all of your friends and followers about it. Add a fun message telling all of your friends and followers about why they should rent your vehicle, instead of renting from a regular car rental company. Here are a few sample messages you could use:

  1. Rent my car this weekend! I just listed it on RelayRides. Low hourly and daily rates, insurance provided!
  2. Car sharing is the way to go. Rent my car through RelayRides. Insurance provided.

Keep these messages short, but sweet. You could also include specific details about the vehicle, “fuel efficient hybrid, great for city errands” for example, or “large truck, perfect for that Ikea run this weekend!”

Always make sure to link to your car listing on

In all of your social efforts, be sure that you always include a link back to your car’s listing on If you’d like you can use a URL shortener like to track the amount of clicks your links receive. Posting interesting content is great, remember you are trying to get additional renters to make more money off of your vehicle.

Schedule additional updates

Use a tool like Hootsuite to schedule additional updates about your car, but don’t just randomly pick times to schedule the message. Try scheduling updates when your friends are active online, or the Friday before a holiday weekend, etc. Be creative about these updates, and remind your friends and followers about the benefits of car sharing.

Ask your friends, family, and coworkers for shares

Shoot a quick email to your contacts asking them to Like, retweet, or +1 your updates. That way your message will reach a larger audience.

Create social profiles for your vehicle

In addition to using your own social profiles to promote your car listing, you could also create pages and profiles devoted to your vehicle. Check out this Facebook page from a RelayRides car owner in Tempe, AZ for inspiration.

Share photos of your vehicles

Take interesting shots of your car and use them to promote your vehicle. Add the photos to your RelayRides listing, then pin them to a board on Pinterest. Create a profile on Flickr for your car photos, and upload them in status updates on Facebook and Twitter. The more creative the pictures, the better!

Upload a video tour to YouTube

If you have a phone that can record video, then consider taking a few short videos of your car. You can upload them to YouTube, then link to the videos from all of your other social profiles.

Foursquare and Google+ places

Check out location based networks like Foursquare and create a listing for your car. You can also create a Google+ places page so that your car will show up in local search results.


If you are feeling really creative, you could setup a Tumblr micro blog dedicated to your vehicle. Unique content does really well on Tumblr, so instead of just posting pictures or text about your vehicle, think or something interesting. Maybe start a Tumblr dedicated to pictures of your car in very random places? You could even ask renters to send in their own pictures of your vehicle to get additional content.