Six Reasons You Need to Join RelayRides

RelayRides blogger Nicholas Pell shares some great reasons why you should join the RelayRides peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace

You’re traveling and you need a car. Get ready for big time sticker shock. In cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, you’re going to pay a pretty penny to hire a car. Fortunately, for the person looking to save money (and the planet) there’s another way. Here are five reasons that going with a peer-to-peer car sharing service like RelayRides is better than rolling up to your local traditional car rental corporation.

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Turn Your Car into an ATM

For most people, their car is the second most expensive asset that they have purchased. Considering this and the fact that your wheels cost you each month for insurance, maintenance, gas and parking while it depreciates, why not recoup some of the costs? The average RelayRides owner makes $250 per month, which should cover these expenses and many owners are able to make a lot more—sometimes as much as $1,000 per month. Paying for your car could be as easy as renting it out a few times a month when you are not using it, or you can do what Edward and Dylan did and be more ambitious. Only an idiot would get an actual ATM machine in their house. For smarter folks, we recommend turning your car into one.

The Money Goes To a Neighbor, Not a Corporation

Just about anyone would rather have their money stay in the community and go to another person much like themselves than have it go to a nameless, faceless corporation some miles away. RelayRides allows you to do just that: Rent a car from someone much like yourself and help them while saving some scratch on your end.

You Can’t Beat the Price

A lot of people, especially those living in large American cities, don’t need a car all the time. Still, being able to drive to the supermarket beats the heck out of walking there. These people often don’t rent a car from a fleet-based car rental service, rather they go to car-sharing services with a fleet of their own. However, these car-sharing services can be as much as twice the price because the money is still being filtered through a large corporation and all its levels of middle men.

It’s not just corporate car-sharing services that charge more, however. A corporate car-rental company is going to be more expensive as well, not to mention a ton of hassle when you only need a car for a couple hours.

Peer to Peer Is for Everyone

As stated above, renting a car when you don’t live in a densely populated area can be next to impossible, especially if you only need it for a few hours. This is because a corporate-based business model for car sharing or car rentals is based on owning a fleet where a large number of consumers can use it. In contrast, RelayRides, a peer-to-peer car sharing service doesn’t have a fleet and doesn’t need to concentrate its business anywhere. Any place a person has a car that they aren’t using is where you’re going to find RelayRides.

>Variety Is the Spice of Life

Car sharing fleets are known for having one car. Car rental companies generally have, at most, a dozen different models. With a peer-to-peer service like RelayRides there are as many different models as our members can provide. Even if you own a car, you might find something you’d like to take for a spin just by digging around our website. As a “for instance,” think about taking a sweet Cadillac for a drive up the coast or cruising the block in an economical Ford Focus. The sky is the limit when it comes to selection on RelayRides because we don’t own a fleet—our members do.

Save the Planet

There’s a whole article to be written here, but the long story made short is that car sharing has a far greater positive impact on the environment than a traditional fleet-based service. Check back in to hear more about this.