Make More Money by Optimizing Your Listing

To help you maximize your earnings potential we run through a list of five simple ways to optimize your listing

Now that your car is up and running on, we want to help you maximize your earnings. A more attractive listing can more than double your rental requests, so here are five smart ways to make your listing stand out and help you earn even more:

Respond quickly to every request. We publish your response rate and your response time on, and obviously renters are more likely to request cars from people who are more likely to get back to them quickly.

Price it right. An overpriced car won’t get much interest, so we suggest that you start by pricing your car at our recommended price. You can always adjust it over time based on demand, but remember that a lower price can actually lead to much higher earnings over time. One owner in Boston named Curtis has made over $12,000 in only 18 months by setting his 2006 Honda Civic at a very resonable $7 per hour.

Mention special features. Does your car have a bike rack or a ski rack? Audio input? GPS? Select the features on your profile.

Take great photos. A car with high quality photos gets 80% more reservation requests than one with poor photos, so make sure your car looks great! Start with a clean car and good lighting, and then take shots from multiple angles that exhibit your vehicle’s full glory, inside and out. The less left to the renter’s imagination, the better.

Add a colorful description. Does your car have a name or a story? Is it particularly roomy or luxurious? Does it come with any special extras? Think about what makes your vehicle uniquely appealing, or what might make it even more so, and play it up for potential renters. Check out this great example and inspire your next renter with a great description!