Lookout for the hashtag in our new commercials and win $50

We are happy to announce that our first television commercial has hit the airwaves today. This is a huge milestone for RelayRides, and our team has been working on it for weeks.

Turn your car into a cash crop today by joining RelayRides

Hidden somewhere in our commercial is an “Easter egg” hashtag. The only hint we are going to give you is that it’s only seven characters.

Find it, tweet it, list your car for rent, and get fifty bucks!

Be on the lookout for the hastag in our commercials. Once you find it, tweet a message with the hidden hastag somewhere in your message. Then, list your vehicle in our car sharing marketplace, and we will add $50 to your first check!

Be sure to help us spread the word. Tell your friends and family how they can make up to $1000 a month renting their car out in the RelayRides marketplace.