Comprehensive Tips for Maximizing Your Listing

Now that you’ve decided to list your car on RelayRides, you’ll want to maximize the money-making potential of your listing. With thousands of cars to choose from, what will draw a renter to your car over all the rest? A few simple steps can help set your listing apart and maximize your car’s worth in the marketplace.

Take great photos: They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and that is especially true for online listings. Take photos specifically for your listing, making sure your car is clean and in an area with plenty of light. Show off multiple features of your car, including the interior and a front quarter angle shot of the whole car. Get creative and remember to highlight what makes your car unique–whether it is great for off-roading like the Xtreme Xterra or has ample passenger seating like Austin’s Other Van, renters want to know why your ride is right for them. Check out our tips for taking better photos for more on how to make your car look its best.

Respond to every request: Similar to a seller’s feedback rating on eBay, your response rate and time, which is displayed on your car page, is a quick indicator to renters of how worry-free a transaction will be. With a high response rate and low response time, like Jeremy’s Honda Fit, a renter is more likely to choose your listing over another comparable vehicle. Additionally, you’re more likely to attract last-minute renters if they know you respond quickly to reservation requests.

Optimize your listing: A more attractive and informative listing will increase your rental requests, offering potential for greater earnings. In addition to having great photos and responding quickly to every request, the top-earning rides have a clever and informative description to bring attention to the car’s unique character. If your car has any special features, like GPS or a bike rack, don’t forget to select them on your profile so your car can easily be found by renters with specific needs. Finally, make sure to price your vehicle appropriately; we suggest starting out with our recommended price and adjusting it later based on the demand you receive.

Promote your listing: Now that your listing on RelayRides is the best is can be, you want to start promoting your car online and in your community. For a bunch of great ideas on how to get the word out about your car, check out our blog post on owner marketing tools. It includes great ideas like using social media like Facebook or Foursquare, and taking advantage of listing websites like the Craigslist rideshare board and eBay Classifieds. Michael C. in Arizona got the word out by listing his Honda Civic on Google Places, so it shows up on Google Maps. More traditional methods of community advertising, like posting fliers at local businesses and universities, handing out business cards with a QR code for your listing and adding a “Borrow My Car” magnet or bumper sticker to your car have proven to be effective. We also have tools to promote your listing on your dashboard, and since we will reimburse half of your outside advertising costs up to $100/month, you get even more bang out of your advertising buck with RelayRides.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today and turn your idle car into a money-maker!