2013 #RResolutions Contest Winner

The RelayRides 2013 #RResolutions contest was a big success! We receive many excellent entries from so many people, but one stood out from the crowd. Adam Ziegler wants to go to Crater Lake, and let us know so using rhythm and meter!

Image reads: "Oh, to think, of the places I’d see, With a car rental from RelayRides, completely free. Surely I should pick one corner of the earth I haven’t been, A place where the landscapes collide in true zen. The road usually leads West, but I’m already here, So the compass points North, to a land beautiful and clear. I’m off to a lake so deep, so blue, so pure, I’ve got a case of the indoor blues, baby, and this is the cure. Crater Lake is the name, and a NorCal road trip is the game, Lend me your wheels for a #RResolution and Highway One will never be the same. -Adam Ziegler RResolutions 2013 Winner | RelayRides, let's drive."

We’re proud to announce that Adam is our contest winner. Adam will receive up to $500 to finance his trip north to Crater Lake, the deepest – and arguably most unique – lake in the United States.

Honorable Mention:

Though every single entry couldn’t be the winner, we wanted to share a couple of entries we found inspirational.

Natalya Efros, for example, wanted to drive to New Orleans and interview homeless New Orleans residents for her research.

“I live in Boston and am a non-fiction writer and researcher. My niche is the sociology and public policy of mental health. I want to drive from Boston to Princeton, where I went to school and where I can consult my favorite sociology professor and use the university’s library, stop in Philadelphia where most of my family lives, and then continue on to New Orleans because I want to write a piece concerning the fate of the large homeless schizophrenic population before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans had the largest homeless population in the US, a great deal of homeless people have schizophrenia, and it would be difficult for government agencies to evacuate actively psychotic paranoid schizophrenics whose delusions have to do with government persecution (a very common delusion). I need to talk to people in New Orleans and not just write from library research and phone calls. On the way back, I’d stop in several cities in New Jersey to investigate the same issue, this time having to do with what happened before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina. I think it’s important to find out how a marginalized group of ill people fared during natural disasters so as to make sure that they are better taken care of the next time a major hurricane devastates the US.”

Alan Webb on the other hand has planned a road trip across the United States to document creativity in higher education, but he and his associates need a little extra help with the East Coast leg of the trip.

“I’m going on a road tour across the US in February to discover and capture on film creative innovation in higher education! www.educate2020.com After our first leg from Pennsylvania to San Diego and back in February, some of our team wants to continue up the coast in March through NYC and Boston to Halifax, and back, but we’ll be sans-RV at that point. We would really appreciate any help with the second leg up the east coast!

So, congrats to our winner, Adam Ziegler, and runners-up. And for the rest of us, stay tuned because there will be more contests on the way.