International Car/Ride Sharing Options

While RelayRides isn’t available worldwide, our blogger Nicholas Pell shares great car/ride sharing options for trips abroad

RelayRides peer-to-peer car-sharing service is great, but there’s one small problem–we’re only in the United States. When you travel internationally, you’re going to need another way to get around without a car. As usual, fleet-based car-rental services are more expensive than just renting one from your (temporary) neighbor. If you’re looking to utilize a service like RelayRides, you’re in luck; Oceania, Asia and Europe all offer opportunities for car sharing. RelayRides aficionados will feel right at home when traveling. So, you may be asking how do I access peer-to-peer car/ride sharing while I am abroad? We have answers.

Save money on your trip abroad by using peer-to-peer car/ride sharing


Europe is not a car culture in the same way as the United States. Indeed, in many major European cities, cars take a back seat to trains and bikes. Still, driving a car around allows you to see things that often can’t be seen through other means of transportation; or at least can’t be properly enjoyed when speeding by in a moving train.

Some of the shared car rental services available in Europe include:


Drivy is the leading peer-to-peer car rental platform in France. Rent a car and check out what the French countryside, including the famous Languedoc region in the south of France, home to the mythic Cathar people.


One of several peer-to-peer car-sharing companies in Germany. Rent a car and you’ll be able to drive on the Autobahn, one of the most famous highway systems in the world.


Mitfahren is the largest ride sharing service in Germany. Indeed, it’s the biggest in all of Europe.

Rent N Roll

Rent N Roll is yet another peer-to-peer car sharing service in Germany, making it easily the most friendly country in Europe for people looking to share a car while abroad.

Social Car

Social Car is the peer-to-peer car sharing option for travelers visiting Spain, allowing you to see more of the Spanish countryside and coast than you can access from trains.


When looking into peer-to-peer car-sharing services in Asia, we were only able to find one: iCarsclub in Singapore. The city-state is a bit of an anomaly in the modern world, standing apart from the nation-state that surrounds it. However, it’s a popular tourist attraction not least of all because of its amazing contemporary architecture. Get a view of the city-state in Asia from the ground level by renting a car through iCarsclub.


Australia was home to one of the first peer-to-peer car-sharing services in the world, Drive My Car Rentals. While you can easily get around the major cities of Australia using public transportation, getting between them is another matter. While this will not be much of an issue for people who want to go from one large city to another, anyone wanting to see the Australian countryside in all its glory will need four wheels to do so. Much like the United States, Australia is a geographically large and sparsely populated throughout most of its land. The small towns in the Australian outback give the feel of the Old West in America. As such, many American visitors will want to borrow a car for the day and see what the country has to offer outside of the major cities.


Most people probably don’t even know where Martinique is. This small island is an overseas region of France, but it’s located in the Caribbean, in the Lesser Antilles islands. Carfully is how you can hire a car while visiting the island, which does not boast much in the way of public transportation and taxicabs are notoriously expensive. Indeed, because Martinique is technically part of France it boasts the highest rate of car ownership in the country.

Car Sharing Abroad

The movement toward peer-to-peer car-sharing services is in its infancy. We’ll continue to report back as more opportunities become available for international travelers looking for something similar to their awesome experience at RelayRides in the United States. Because getting from destination to destination abroad should be just as awesome and affordable as it is here.