Atlanta Driving Tips

As a resident of Atlanta and our blogger Sydney Jarod seemed like the perfect person to share driving tips for Atlanta–you’re welcome

Hey y’all, welcome to Atlanta, the economic and cultural powerhouse and capitol of the South. If you just moved here from one of those other cities or just dropped on by for a visit, there are a few rules you need to know about driving in our fair city. So, we have pulled together some advice from locals for you to not only survive, but also enjoy driving in Atlanta.

Driving in Atlanta can be tough, that’s why we pulled together these nifty tips

Learn the Lay of the Land

The road system is kind of shaped like a lumpy, sliced apple pie. The “Perimeter”—called 285—encircles the city like the crust. The city is then cut from different directions by Interstates 20, 75 and 85 to make the pie slices. If you ever get lost while driving around the city, keep going down the road you’re on until you hit one of these interstates. You’ll be fine then. But don’t think that these interstates mean you can’t actually get lost. Atlanta is a hilly city with many tall trees, so you’re probably not going to be able to spy any landmarks like tall buildings when you need to figure out where you are. Plus, our roads are really curvy. Take our advice: study a map or get GPS because you’re going to need it.

Get Hip to Location, Location, Location

The truth about the South is that how well you do still depends on where you come from, but before you misunderstand us, we are actually referring to driving and traffic. Most of us live in the suburbs and drive into town each day for work. That means that from 7am to 10am we’re all driving into the city and from 4pm to 7pm we’re all driving out of the city. While we’re sure you can imagine what that kind of traffic looks like, we promise you that it looks even worse from inside that mess. If you’re smart, you’ll find a way to plan your trips accordingly and either live or work somewhere that always allows you to drive in the opposite direction of rush hour.

Be the Better Person (and You’ll Get Home Fine)

You may find that Atlantans are an aggressive bunch. Bless our hearts, we have the swagger of Big City people combined with the deep frustrations of long-distance commuters and the vein-popping anger of the radio talk-show hosts that lead us in big tent revivals every morning. You may also notice that we’ll judge you harshly if we see you illegally talking on the phone or texting while we go on doing those same things ourselves. And don’t even get us started about how fast we drive… You get the picture. We will speed, weave, cut you off, not signal when doing anything and act like we don’t want to make it home tonight, but bear with us. If you act like the better person by driving safely and staying off your phone, we’ll all get home fine. We’ll even smile and be nice when we see you outside of our cars, of course.

Get Creative About How You Use Your Car

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