We're Making It Even Easier to Rent a Car on RelayRides

RelayRides’ Vice-President of Product, Tom Wang, shares the latest product news that will make renting a car easier than ever

As our new home page says, RelayRides has an unbeatable selection of cars. There’s an incredible array of cars to choose (here are some of my favorites). Sometimes, though, RelayRides renters tell us they just need a car and are actually quite flexible with regards to what type of car it is.

For those people, today, we’re introducing a new feature that we’ve been calling ‘carcierge.’

Here’s how it works. You enter the location and times you need a car and an optional brief message. Then, RelayRides selects available cars automatically and makes requests for you. As owners respond, you get to choose which car you want to book. That’s it.

Like the RelayRides website, this new feature is designed to work equally well on computers and mobile phones. In fact, because it’s so simple, the additional convenience shines through that much more on your Android or iPhone device.

The feature is live for everyone today. Even though RelayRides is in 50 states, some areas have more cars than others. We’ll let you know if your chosen rental location has enough vehicles to take advantage of the new feature.

This addition fits squarely into our ongoing effort to improve convenience. We’ve recently made some major changes to our reservation system based on your feedback in this area. For example, now owners can respond to a request with an alternative time. Already we see that it’s made it easier for buyers and owners to work out the details of a rental trip.

The team has also added other handy enhancements, including the ability to filter your car search results by make and price range. These two features have been passionately requested by both renters and owners.

Convenience is key to making RelayRides the best car-sharing marketplace. Since joining the team in November of last year, I’ve been working to find pragmatic ways, big and small, to make RelayRides more convenient for renters and owners. We have lots more planned, but would love to hear your ideas. Follow me on Twitter @mtwang and please share your thoughts.