Celebrating Earth Day

Monday is the 43rd annual Earth Day, a celebration of the planet and a call to arms for more Earth-friendly policies and lifestyles. United States Senator Gaylord Nelson is the “father” of Earth Day, the man who founded it as a teach-in about the environment back in 1970. Earth Day was largely an American phenomenon until 1990, when Denis Hayes took the movement international. This led to a vastly increased awareness of recycling and the damage of CFCs.

Earth Day is a perfect day to make changes in your lifestyle, including renting out your car on RelayRides or renting a car through the RelayRides marketplace.

Earth Day

The Environmental Benefits of Car Sharing

There are a number of environmental benefits of car sharing through RelayRides, including:

Takes Cars off the Road: Renting your car out through RelayRides takes 14 cars off the road. Less cars on the road means less pollution, and it also means less traffic. It’s a win all around.

Leading By Example: Car sharing is a growing part of an overall sharing economy. Whether you’re borrowing power tools from your neighbor or utilizing the RelayRides marketplace, you’re reducing your carbon foot print — and showing others how to do the same.

Fewer Cars, Less Manufacturing: A car has a carbon footprint greater than just emissions while it’s being driven. There’s also the impact of manufacturing the car and transporting it to its destination. Taking new cars off the road can have a massive environmental impact far beyond miles per gallon. Peer-to-peer car sharing through RelayRides is even more environmentally friendly than fleet-based car-sharing services in this regard.

You Can Choose Electric or Hybrid: There are a number of electric and hybrid cars available on the RelayRides Marketplace. This allows you to choose the most environmentally friendly option possible when you need a car. For owners, it means showing people how attractive an option an electric or hybrid can be.

Fewer Roads, Fewer Parking Lots: Another way that having fewer cars on the road helps the environment is the need for less roads and less parking lots. This means that more of the city you live in can literally be green when you rent through the RelayRides Marketplace.

A Compliment to Public Transportation

A lot of environmentally friendly folk see their car as the local light rail or subway service. RelayRides isn’t a substitute for public transportation. Rather, it’s a way for you to use a car when you need one, for those times when public transit just isn’t going to cut it. You can’t bring home flat packs from IKEA on the back of a bike. Carrying home 50 pounds in groceries on the train can be challenging to say the least. We see RelayRides as a compliment to public transportation or riding your bike. In fact, we encourage you to do either of those things whenever feasible — even if you’re a car owner.

But sometimes, you just need a car. Rather than buying one, borrow one through the RelayRides marketplace. You can have all the advantages of car ownership without the attendant environmental impact.

Make a Change This Earth Day

Make Earth Day the day that you change your lifestyle for the betterment of the planet. Start renting through the RelayRides Marketplace, whether you need a car or just have one that you aren’t using very much. The planet — and your community — will thank you for it.