RelayRides Launches New Airport Feature Nationally

Today, we are thrilled to announce that RelayRides has become the first car sharing company to expand service to airports across the country. Now, car owners in the RelayRides marketplace will be able to list their cars for rent and pick-up at airports nearby, allowing their cars to be easily found by people who plan to travel to their area. This feature will enable travelers to conveniently access the affordable cars available through the RelayRides marketplace.

Owners and renters in the RelayRides marketplace can now take advantage of RelayRides new airport feature nationally

Here’s how it works—when car owners now register their vehicles, our website will automatically suggest the six nearest airports where they could rent out their car to travelers. Car owners who are already active members can also sign-up simply by going to their car location page and clicking on our suggestions to add nearby airports. Meanwhile, car renters will now be able to search specifically for airports across the country, and our system will show them all the cars that they can rent at the airport they choose.

Our airport initiative is directly inspired by users who have shown that they prefer longer-term daily, weekly and monthly rentals over hourly rentals. Both car owners and renters have encouraged us to enhance the ability of car owners to connect with renters at airports, and we are happy to be able to bring this expanded service to them.

We’re confident that car renters will love this feature because our car owners offer a variety of vehicles, competitive prices and a community focus that the traditional car companies can’t beat. Our marketplace features over 500 unique makes and models of vehicles ensuring that we have the right car for everyone—plus, our prices are on average 20-30% cheaper than the rental prices offered by traditional rental companies.
Finally, renters will love that the money that they pay as renters is going to go right into the pockets of the people living in the communities that they’re in—not to some anonymous corporation far away.

It’s meaningful improvements like this that help drive our marketplace’s incredible momentum and growth. This announcement also comes at an exciting time for our community: In May, we achieved our highest monthly revenues, reservation volumes and new member registrations since we launched nationally last year. If you think that’s exciting though, just wait. We’ve only just begun.