Winners of the #RelayRides Endless Summer Contest

The entries have all been considered, and we have picked the winners of our first-ever #RelayRides Endless Summer Photo Contest. Check them out below.

October has arrived, and with it we are proud to announce the winners of our #RelayRides Endless Summer Photo Contest. After reviewing so many amazing member photos of their Endless Summer fun, we selected our top three that highlighted our community, the joys of travel and the beauty of this time of year. And while the Endless Summer contest is officially over, we encourage you to keep the adventures coming with RelayRides!

Third Place: realityseo

Viva Los Vegas! We picked this member’s great photo of his Vegas adventure with RelayRides because it not only highlighted the RelayRides vehicle and the Endless Summer, but it also featured America’s favorite Neverland. While those elements alone are a strong recipe for a winning photos it didn’t hurt that we get a bit of the Big Apple too with the New York, New York hotel prominently featured.

What better way to celebrate an Endless Summer than a trip to Las Vegas?

The Runner-Up: @QuasarUltimate

This one was an easy pick. Not only does it highlight the fun and excitement of the (endless) summer, but the photo is equal parts back-to-school fun and September road trip. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the RelayRides was born at Harvard. We hope that the driving credit we give Quasar Ultimate will go towards financing their next road trip. Go Quasar!

Back to School? Check. Road Trip? Check. Fun with Friends? Check.

The Winner: @heyyitsstine

On the California Coast the summer really doesn’t end, and this photo captures the joys of the California Endless Summer. Kiteboarding in Waddell Creek near Santa Cruz is our definition of an Endless Summer adventure–sunshine, excitement and the sea. Just looking at this picture makes us think of the classic song ‘In the Summertime

So there you have it. The winners of the RelayRides Endless Summer Photo Contest. Keep reading our blog and following us on Facebook and Twitter to get the scoop on our next contest and a chance to win a free ride for your next adventure!