5 Simple Reasons to Rent a Car with RelayRides for Travel

RelayRides blogger Sydney Jarod is an expert when it comes to travel deals, so he has shared 5 reasons to save on your travels with a RelayRides car rental. 

You’ve got to fly across the country for some reason. A wedding? Business meetings? Maybe just vacation. When you land, you’re probably going to want to rent a car, and for as long as you’ve been alive, your choices have been limited to questions like ‘Enterprise or Hertz?’, ‘economy or compact?’, or ‘insurance or self-coverage?’. Time’s have changed though, and now you’ve got a new choice to consider. Car sharing marketplace RelayRides enables real people to rent out their cars to other people through an Internet-based marketplace, turning their idle cars into opportunities to make cash and giving renters even greater options for their next trip. But why should you use RelayRides instead of the same old traditional rental car company you’ve used before?

Convenient Airport Access

Since its national launch in 2012, RelayRides has expanded rapidly and is now conveniently available at almost 250 airports (and in over 1,688 cities nationwide). If you would like to rent a vehicle at your destination airport, you can search for the airport listing on our marketplace and then reach out directly to the owners in the same way as you normally would for non-airport rentals. Then, as normally happens when you rent a vehicle through RelayRides, the vehicle’s owner will generally try to meet you with the vehicle and even sometimes pick you up and drop you off. In San Francisco, RelayRides makes this even easier by offering use of a free parking lot where vehicle owners can leave their vehicles and renters can pick up the vehicle conveniently.


RelayRides offers the broadest nation-wide selection of vehicles of any company in the rental car industry with over 500 unique makes and models available within its network. The online marketplace can offer such a great selection because the vehicles are owned by people in communities across the country and are not by some central company that has a few large contracts for Chevrolet Cruzes and Impalas. Instead, RelayRides offers a selection that mirrors the tastes of regular people who buy cars for themselves like Pontiacs, Porsches, Priuses and Volvos.


In an apples-to-apples comparison that includes insurance costs, RelayRides beats the prices of traditional car rental companies by an average of 20-40% and beats ZipCar’s prices by 40-50%! Renters through RelayRides can choose between self-insurance and two levels of basic or premium insurance. If you’re renting your car out to others through RelayRides though, you’re automatically guaranteed free insurance coverage of up to $1 million whenever your car is being rented.


RelayRides’ car sharing model is far more environmentally friendly than traditional car rental companies, which buy large fleets of cars that sit at brick-and-motor locations in big cities and airports until they are rented as needed. RelayRides avoids that waste by helping vehicles owners to get paid by others who use their cars when the owners are not using them. That boosts utilization of cars that are already out in the world and avoids the need for more cars to be built and shipped specifically to sit in a traditional rental fleet. In fact, a UC Berkeley study found that car sharing helps take 14 vehicles off the road—a significant savings in terms of resources needed to manufacture, ship and own an unnecessary car.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Whether you’re renting a RelayRides vehicle from the woman who lives down the street or whether you’re renting a car from someone who lives near the airport you just landed at, you’re participating in something special: local economic development. Your money is going to some regular person in the community who is going to use that money to help make his or her life better and who is probably going to spend that money elsewhere in that same community, keeping the money local. Compare that to what you’ve been doing with a traditional car rental company: giving your money to some anonymous corporation in some far-off city.