Peer-to-Peer Rentals Beat Rental Agencies Throughout the US

RelayRides blogger Grayson Bell shares more about how RelayRides beats traditional rental car companies with a breakdown of savings in key markets.

Following up on the “3 Reasons Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Beats Rental Car Agencies” article, we are going to break down some key markets and show you how much you can save when renting with RelayRides.  We know that when you rent from the P2P marketplace, you can save nearly 40% compared to the traditional car rental companies.  These savings come from more selection and competition in the sharing market. Along with being able to find cars in the city, you can also rent and ride at nearly 270 airports.  While the overall 40% number is compelling, we thought it would be great to break down a few cities to show the true savings.


People traveling to or from Boston can save a good amount of money by using a peer-to-peer marketplace over a traditional agency.  Based on the statistics run by RelayRides, a renter looking for a minivan can pay on average 65% less with P2P compared to a traditional car rental company.  For example, one leading rental car company charges $113.86 per day in Boston for a Minivan.  If you choose to rent via RelayRides, you can pick up Adbel’s 2009 Honda Odyessey for $43 per day.  If you want a newer minivan, you can get Owais’s 2013 Toyota Sienna for only $60 per day.

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Are you going to be traveling to Chicago and need a nice SUV to travel around in?  If you were to rent a Jeep Grand Cherokee, you could expect to pay near $100 per day for the option.  With RelayRides, you can get Kerri’s 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee for only $60 per day.  Just by using the P2P car sharing market, you can save 40%.  Here are the general averages compared between RelayRides and traditional car rental agencies in Chicago.

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San Francisco

Want to cruise around the infamous streets of San Francisco, but would rather do it in luxury?  When you pick up a luxury rental at a traditional company, you can expect to pay close to $188 per day.  When you search RelayRides for a luxury vehicle, you can rent a 2008 Audi A3 for only $59 per day.  Nothing will make you smile more when driving through San Fran than knowing you saved 69% by renting with RelayRides.

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If you are traveling to Seattle for business or pleasure, then you can have a lot of choices when it comes to renting a vehicle.  When you choose to rent via a traditional car rental company, you will have to pay close to $176 per day for a luxury vehicle.  With traditional car rental companies, you pay a premium for choice.  This is not the case with RelayRides.  How about cruising Seattle in a BMW?  You can rent Chino’s BMW 3 Series for only $81 per day.  Check out these Seattle rental savings.

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Washington, D.C.

If you are driving around the nation’s capital, then you might want to choose a smaller vehicle.  With the amount of traffic and tight parking spaces, going compact could be a smart choice.  Another smart choice is to rent via RelayRides instead of opting for the traditional rental.  Going traditional will cost you $52 per day, but if you rent Francesco’s Toyota Yaris, you can pay only $28 per day.  That is a full sized savings on a compact vehicle.

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Peer-to-peer marketplaces, otherwise known as the Sharing Economy, bring greater efficiencies to industries that are in need of change. The travel and transportation industries are no exception. In addition to saving around 40 percent on your transportation costs with RelayRides, choose Airbnb over a traditional hotel, or a Lyft over a cab. You will have a better experience while saving cash.