Rent a Van Affordably at RelayRides

From playing in a band to moving cross-country, RelayRides blogger Nicholas Pell knows the value of a good van, so he’s shared the best van deals on RelayRides.

Sometimes you need more than just a car to get around. If you’re traveling this holiday season and you’ve got a big family or a lot of gear you’re going to need something bigger than a typical RelayRides car. With RelayRides vehicles available for a fraction of the cost of the usual offerings from a fleet-based car sharing service—and more options—why would you rent anywhere else? These are five of our favorite vans from five of the biggest cities in the country.

Compared to traditional rental car agencies, RelayRides will get you in a van rental for a fraction of the cost.

Rent a Van in Chicago

If you’re making a trip to the Windy City soon, we’ve got just the van for you. The Windy City Grand Caravan, a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan, runs perfectly and has low miles. There’s plenty of room for you, the family and any other cargo that you might need to cart around the Windy City. Power locks and windows let you control who opens what from the driver’s seat. Seats seven comfortably and if it’s not for you, the owner has two other cars that might be just the thing that you’ve been looking for in Chicago.

Rent a Van in the San Francisco Bay Area

Katt’s Dodge Ram Cargo Van is quite an impressive vehicle that allows you to get around the San Francisco Bay Area—or even outside of it if that’s what you’re looking to do. This conversion van comes with everything that you and the family will need to go camping. It’s easy to get outside of the Bay and there are tons of places to go and enjoy the natural beauty of Northern California while you do it. Pick it up and take your family out for a trip to Tahoe, or just get away from it all with you and your partner for the perfect vacation getaway.

Rent a Van in Boston

Who says the age of the minivan is over? Why not check out this 2013 Toyota Sienna in Boston? It seats seven comfortably in its leather seats and even has a USB connection that allows you to plug in just about anything. Best of all, the owner offers both pickup and drop off at the nearby Logan International Airport in Boston. Get around Beantown with the entire clan and all of your cargo with this impressive and clean minivan.

Rent a Van in Los Angeles

This Dodge Ram Van is another one that’s just perfect for transporting tons of people around or heading out to enjoy some natural beauty. People often forget that a large chunk of Los Angeles County is Angeles National Forest, one of the lushest, greenest places on the face of the earth. This van seats and sleeps five, so you and your family can enjoy the forest as one any time of the year. While it might be a 1998 van, it’s chock full of new equipment that means you won’t have to worry about a timing belt stranding you in the middle of the woods.

Rent a Van in Washington, D.C.

Looking to rent a van in the District of Columbia, our nation’s capital? Check out the 2012 Ram C/V Cargo Van. It’s a low mileage and well-maintained vehicle that allows you to listen to SiriusXM radio on the ride. You can also see what’s behind you while you park with the backup camera and wide-angle mirrors. Dropoff and pickup is available right on the DC Metro.