Top 5 Travel Blogs for Improving Your Trip

Blogger Sydney Jarod reveals some of the best blogs for travelers seeking great domestic trips, budget travel deals, travel tips and travel technology.

Smart travelers these days want access to the best information, tips and tools to help them discover great travel moments across America.  Luckily, the Internet generation has answered with a mix of blogs that can connect the savvy budget traveler with the best available information. While of our RelayRides blog is a great source for trip ideas too, we’ve scoured the Internet to find other great resources to learn how to discover more life-affirming moments on the road.


An activities-suggestion blog, MommyPoppins helps parents around Boston, New York and Los Angeles, among other places, to find fun things to do with their children. Featuring a special section of the blog for fun day-and-weekend trips outside of Boston and New York City and great hikes around Los Angeles, MommyPoppins can be an excellent companion for parents that want to find ways to have fun with their kids, lead an active lifestyle and escape the big city once in a while.


Roam is a travel blog written by Mike Sloan, a technologist with a focus on user experience and a background in the travel industry. He loads his blog with useful tips on ways to use devices to improve the travel experience from after-market iPhone lens systems to travel chargers. He also peppers Roam with news on tech companies that serve the travel market from start-ups like Runkeeper to giants like Google. His blog is also rich with media from high quality travel photos to videos. While it looks like he has slowed his updates recently, his archives are still full of great tips for the savvy budget traveler and well worth the visit.


If you really want an insider’s view of the latest innovations in travel technology, travel start-ups and deal-seeking for the budget traveler, one of the best new sources of information on the “digital travel economy” is travel industry “trade blog” Tnooz. Here you’ll find some of the smartest writing and best insights into emerging trends in the ways that people can get around. If you want to be a tech travel wonk and load up on tips to share with other budget travelers you meet on the road, this is the place to go.

Weekend Sherpa

Though not a traditional blog, Weekend Sherpa sends out a great newsletter each Thursday with fun things to do outdoors in Northern California or Southern California. From a day hike around Marin county’s Lake Lagunitas to pumpkin and apple picking at farm stands throughout the Santa Ynez Valley, the writers at this free activity-suggestion service continually find new great trips across California.

Skift describes itself as a travel intelligence company that offers news, information, data and services to professionals in the travel industry and professional travelers to help them make smart decisions about travel. We love it because they seem to have their finger on the pulse of just about every travel trend, including the Sharing Economy. Gain some great insights on destinations, transportation and rooms at Skift before your next voyage.

Whether you heard about a trip idea through our blog or from one of these resources above, one of the best parts about America is that you’re never more than a drive away from something fun, beautiful or inspiring. To start your own journey, sign up and rent a great car today.