5 Ways for Stay-at-Home Parents to Make Money

RelayRides blogger Eric Rosenberg makes thousands of dollars on the side, and has great tips to get any stay-at-home parent making money in their free time.

While there are many joys of stay-at-home parenting, many moms and dads feel marginalized because they are no longer contributing to the family’s income. Fear no more, moms and dads, as there are great, new ways you can make money at home while still tending to your stay-at-home parenting duties.

Start a Blog

Blog? Making money? That is a common response when I tell people I have a profitable blog that I maintain outside of my day job. Last year, my blogging business led to well over $10,000 in income, and I’m small compared to many of the other bloggers out there.

If you’re interested in making money writing, you may be able to find a niche that works great for your interests. Many stay-at-home moms have joined the growing “Mommy Blogger” community. Others write about a hobby like photography or outdoor sports. I got my start writing about personal finance at a blog I still have today.

If you want to turn that blog into money, you just need to take it a few steps further. Successful bloggers like my friend Pat Flynn share all that you might want to know to start an online business. Darren Rowse’s Problogger is another great resource when you’re starting out.

Make Something

It used to be that making and selling a product was a massive endeavor. You had to find suppliers, make your good, and find a place to sell. It is much easier with the internet.

Need supplies to make your goods? Just go to Amazon, Alibaba, or Overstock and you can find almost anything you need in any quantity at a reasonable price.

Once you’ve made it, you can sell it online. Create your own website to build your own online store, or maybe it would be better to list on Etsy? Or maybe both?


As Napoleon Dynamite knows, it is all about the skills.

While you might not have bow hunting skills or nun chuck skills, you probably have some skills that someone is willing to pay for.

Are you a great writer? You can write for big sites like Demand Studios, or look for freelance postings for online writers on topics you are passionate about. Maybe you can take photographs for a local newspaper on your time off.

If you are really bold, you can learn to code PHP or another in-demand language and take projects on ODesk. ODesk and eLance both have thousands of listings ranging from writing to bookkeeping to coding to photo editing.

Rent Out Your Car

Why have your car sitting in your garage getting dusty when it can turn into an income stream? Turn your car into a moneymaker with Relay Rides like so many financially savvy parents have.

Listing your car with Relay Rides is easy, and you can set your own rate and decide who can use your car and when. As long as your car is safe, reliable, and insured, you can turn car ownership around from an expense into a cash stream.

Do Stuff for People

Need flexibility and just want to run errands or do tasks for other people? There are a few great online marketplaces that make that possible.

TaskRabbit connects you with people who need deliveries or other assignments, which can range from picking up the dry cleaning to filing papers. Zaarly connects you with people who need quick tasks done, like finding them a used bicycle or a sandwich.

These are just two of the ways you can find jobs to do. Craigslist has listings for housekeepers, bookkeepers, and other temp jobs that can make you money on a flexible schedule.

Don’t Sit Idle

If your personality is anything like mine, the worst thing you can do is to sit idle. Don’t let your down hours go to waste. Use them for something you value or use them to make money. It is possible to have a rewarding life as a stay-at-home parent and a rewarding income as well.

Get paid by your car