Change Your Life with Unconventional New Year’s Resolutions

RelayRides blogger Grayson Bell isn’t one to make a run-of-the-mill New Year’s resolution, so he has shared his bold resolutions that will change your life.  The New Year is here, and yet so many of us have either not made any New Year’s resolutions, or have gone with the same-old conventional resolutions—lose weight, pay off debt, and make more money… While those are solid resolutions, why not try something a little more extraordinary?  It is time to think outside of the box when it comes to your resolutions.  In order to get you thinking about what you can do in the New Year, here are some unconventional New Year’s resolutions.

Stop Making Your Car Payment

Let me preface this and say that you shouldn’t actually stop making payments on your car loan.  That will lead you to a bad place.  When I say you can stop making your car payments, I mean that you can make enough money to cover the payment.  How?  Rent out your car with RelayRides.  On average, members make $250 per month by renting out their vehicle.  You can make more or less depending on demand and how often you rent it out. If you are bringing in an extra $250 per month, then you can put that toward your car loan and stop using your regular income to pay it.

Clear Your To-Do Lists with TaskRabbit

It doesn’t matter if it is a new year or not, we all have many things to do.  Your to-do list grows each and every week, so why not clear those repetitive tasks and earn more time for yourself?  You can do this easily with TaskRabbit. With TaskRabbit, you can post a simple task for someone else to complete for you.  The people that complete the tasks are all background checked and know how to get things done.  You pay them a fee to complete the task for you and the you can focus on other things.  Want more time with your children?  Want to have more time for yourself?  Take your time back in the new year and outsource your tasks to others.

Travel More and Pay Less

We all want to travel more, but usually our budget doesn’t allow it.  With this new year, it is time to change that with the help of alternatives to the traditional travel model.  When we travel, we might rent a car, book a hotel, and find flights.  With the power of the internet, this is made easy.  The problem is that we book rooms at pricey hotels, we rent cars from traditional rental agencies, and we find flights just at one of our favorite websites.  Here are three alternatives. RelayRides When you use the power of the peer-to-peer marketplace, you can save on average 40% off your car rental costs.  You rent a car from an individual and you can pick the car.  With over 500 makes and models, the options are wide open. AirBnB Instead of booking a pricey hotel room, why not stay in a house or condo?  You may think that this would be more expensive, but AirBnB provides you with a massive selection of places to stay.  You can choose the type of accommodations along with the price range you are comfortable with.  You are guaranteed to save. GetGoing We all want to travel, but the cost of air travel is on the rise. It is hard to find affordable flights.  Well, with, you can just have them do the work. Their software allows you to search and will bring back options for affordable flights and travel.  You then just have to decide.

Stop Paying Bank Fees!

Are you looking for a way to cut costs in the new year?  How about doing away with those pesky bank fees?  Some people just settle for the fees that their banks charge because they either don’t know any better, or don’t want to deal with changing banks.  Luckily, there are now great options for you to make the change. Credit Unions These banks are actually owned by their members. When you become a member, you are part owner of the bank. They provide you with fee-free banking and low costs loans if you need them.  Most will allow you to become a member, but you will have to read how you can become one. Online Banking Online banks have changed the banking industry. There are now numerous options for no-fee banks. You can try and CapitalOne 360 as great options.  They are easy to setup and you can start transferring your money over without stepping foot in a bank.