Make More Money! Ways to Increase Your Rental Requests

RelayRides blogger Grayson Bell shares some simple tips for you to increase the number of rental requests on your car to make you more money.

RelayRides makes it extremely easy and convenient to rent your vehicle to others.  Since you can make money and provide a valuable service, it is important to make your vehicle stand out in the marketplace. You should not only focus on sprucing up your rental listing, you should also focus on your vehicle. If you want to increase your rentals, then there are ways to make your vehicle a more enticing option.

Clean Your Car

When you go get a rental at a traditional rental agency, the car has been cleaned.  This is a simple service that can go a long way. Before you list and rent out your vehicle, make sure it is cleaned.  People want to know that they are driving a clean vehicle. If you have removable personal items, remove them before your renter picks up the car. Appearances can go a long way and cleaning the interior and exterior of your car should be on your to-do list.

Take Pictures!

We have said it before, and we’ll say it again: a picture’s worth a thousand words, and this is especially true for RelayRides listings—photos increase the number of requests you get. Take photos for your listing, making sure your car is nice and tidy and in an area with plenty of light. Highlight the amazing features of your car, including the interior and a front quarter angle shot of the whole car. Check out these tips for taking better photos for more on how to make your car look its best

Be the Tour Guide

Have you ever traveled to another city and wondered where the secret spots were? As a nice add-on feature, you can give your renters a simple tour of the city to show them what only locals know. You don’t have to actually travel with them, but adding in guides into the glove box would suffice. You can provide great eateries, local attractions, and little known spots that will keep your renters happy and wanting to know more.

It’s the Little Things

It’s always the little things that count the most. Renting a car can be stressful for some, but you can make it easy as possible. If you want to impress your renters, then provide them with a simple snack and water in the car. When they get ready to travel, they can know that you have them covered. These low cost items can go a long way in keeping your renter happy and providing you excellent feedback. Great feedback can increase your rental requests.

The Entertainment Option 

People love entertainment, but they also love different entertainment options. If you have the ability to provide an entertainment feature for your renters, it could be satellite radio. With the expanded listening choices, you can be sure that your renters will find something they enjoy while they travel. Satellite radio is a low cost expansion of local radio, but the cost can easily be recouped with more renters. An even simpler perk would be including a cable to your auxiliary outlet for them to play music from their phones.

Respond to Requests

This has been mentioned before, but it is extremely important. If you want to provide the best service to your renters, then you need to respond to requests quickly. People love getting answers quickly, especially when they are traveling. The quicker you respond, the better your chances of landing a renter. The lower your response time is, the more requests you can receive. Responding to requests quickly is a win-win for both you and the renter. If you want to make more money per month, then getting more rental requests is an easy way to do that.