Atlanta Pro Tip: Get Paid By Your Pickup Truck

RelayRides blogger Amanda L. Grossman shares how RelayRides member Roger Peterson makes money from his pickup in suburban Atlanta.

Truck owner Roger Peterson knows the true meaning behind the old saying “when you have a pickup truck, everyone is your friend when they need to move something.” This is something that probably most truck owners have experienced before—the brother-in-law who needs help moving a sofa, a friend with the fantastic (time-sensitive) Craigslist find, or the son in college who needs help moving in and out of a dorm each semester.

What he didn’t know before joining RelayRides last October 2013—other truck owners should know this as well—was that he could take his idle pickup truck and actually make some real money from it.

Making the Decision to List on RelayRides

Roger and his wife Michele own two vehicles in a suburb of Atlanta and their lifestyle is one that makes it easy to rent out one of them. Roger explains, “I work from home every day for an international IT company, and my wife has a car which she takes to work every day, so most of the time, my truck sits unused in my garage.”

Because of this, he was excited by the money-making possibilities of renting out his truck. “I heard of RelayRides from a radio program about earning extra money with things you already have. I was expecting to hear things like “clean out your closets and attic and sell the stuff on e-Bay”, but when I heard about RelayRides, I was quite intrigued.”

Who was Your First Renter?

Roger found quick results by listing his truck for rent. “The first day I started getting inquiries, and rented my truck within the first week.” Roger recounts his first-ever renter as “someone that needed to go the Atlanta airport to pick up his in-laws who were coming to town and were bringing lots of luggage. He had a ‘normal’ size car, but needed a pickup for all of the people and luggage.”

Since then, people have found all kinds of uses for his truck. “The people that rent my truck sometimes need a pickup truck with a covered cargo area for moving boxes into and out of storage, going to estate sales and buying antiques, or simply want to use my truck because it has plenty of room.”

How Do You Use Your Extra Cash?

I like figures, and asked Roger to share with us how much he’s made (and he agreed!), as well as how he likes to use his extra cash.

“My income with RelayRides is not steady, nor predictable, which is fine with me. I have made about $800 in the past 5 months, and I consider everything I make as a ‘bonus’ because that is $800 more than I would have made with my truck sitting idle in the garage.”

Roger and his wife use the extra money to pay for the things they enjoy the most. “We have a cabin in the mountains of north Georgia, and we use the money to buy a few extras that we ordinarily would not have purchased. In addition, my wife and I are planning a trip to Italy in September, and we can use the money to help buy extra good wine, olive oil, and bread during our stay in Tuscany.”

Tips on How to Maximize RelayRides

Roger loves RelayRides because they make it so easy by, “screening the renters, processing the credit card payments, providing the insurance, and providing great support!” He has found that the best way to increase his earnings is to answer every request to rent his truck quickly either on his laptop, iPhone or his iPad (great for when he is traveling on business). Roger also suggests including lots of photos of your vehicle from every angle as well as providing a thorough description.

Need a truck in the Atlanta area? Check out Roger’s truck to rent at $50/day, or get paid by your car by renting it on RelayRides.