Have Night Out Like an A-List Star with the Sharing Economy

With the Academy Awards coming, RelayRides blogger Amanda L. Grossman wanted to teach us all to live like an A-lister with the Sharing Economy.

The glitz, the glam, and the lux of awards season is here. Many people spend hours glued to their televisions, eagerly watching actors and actresses as they roll out onto the red carpet dressed in stunning gowns and tuxes. Who doesn’t enjoy watching people who seem to be loving life? At some point though, it can be a bit of buzz kill thinking about how all of this luxury is outside of your price range.

Or is it?

If you’d like to experience a little of the “star” treatment yourself, then you’re in the right place. I’m here to show you how you can roll out your own red carpet this awards season using the rental and sharing economy to afford a taste of luxury items and experiences. Let’s create your star-studded evening together!

Survive a Paparazzi Blitz

Does a small crowd of flashing bulbs and people screaming for your attention excite you? If so, you are in luck. You can now rent a crew of paparazzi and feel like a celebrity for a day. If the $300+ price tag is out of your range (I know it’s out of my price range), then you can probably get a similar experience from all of the attention you’re about to get walking around in your luxury runway rentals.

Source Luxury Runway Wear to Rent

Where do you turn to when the clothes in your closet aren’t going to cut it in the luxury department (and you don’t want to feel like Vivian on Rodeo Drive)? You can visit websites such as Renttherunway.com to rent luxury pieces for your big night out like jewelry, handbags, and dresses. Plus, first time joiners get a $25 off coupon!

Rent a Lux Ride

You’ll be stepping out in style, so keep the commuter vehicle at home. Instead, rent a luxury ride such as a Porsche, Mercedes, or a BMW through RelayRides. Dealing with the hassles of a traditional car rental counter would just dampen your mood, and this experience is all about making you shine. By renting a vehicle from the people in your own community, you can now afford this splurge, stress-free!

Wine and Dine Yourself at 50% of the Typical Cost

You can check out the hottest, reservations-only restaurants for 50% of the cost that others will pay through the site Restaurant.com. Enjoy foods an A-Lister would eat on a Chili’s budget. Spend $10 to get a $25 gift certificate, and $20 to get a $50 certificate. Sign up for their email subscription to enjoy exclusive clearance sales to bring the gift certificate costs down even more.

Rent a Nice House for the Night

Sometimes it’s nice to rent out a hotel room to make a night special, even if you are not travelling far from home. Want an upgrade for your day of luxury beyond what a hotel can offer you? Check out Airbnb where you can rent out a person’s home wherever in the world you desire to be.

Feel like an A-Lister for the day by choosing a few of the options above. Set aside a random date as your day of luxury, or time your rentals for an awards night such as the Academy Awards. The only requirement is to make this day about you. Now, go create that red carpet experience!