How to Save When Traveling to Your Favorite Music Festivals

Looking forward to going to summer music festivals, but have to stick to a tight budget? Save with these tips from blogger Grayson Bell.

It’s about that time again. The summer music festival season is approaching and people across the country are getting ready for great shows throughout the US. But before the music runs through your veins, you need to figure out how to get to these festivals without paying an arm and a leg. While planning such a trip, you’ll need to understand the cost of tickets, travel, food and accommodations. These all can add up to a lot of money, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay the going rate. Here are some easy ways to save money while attending your favorite music festivals.

How to Get There

OK, you have tickets to Coachella, or Lallapalooza. You know you are going to have an awesome time, but how do you plan on getting there?  There are always options to get around, but it really depends on where you are coming from.

Flying the Friendly Skies: If the festival is not in your backyard, chances are you will be doing some flying. The good thing about flying is you can get from point A to point B in short order. The issue is that it costs a lot of money to fly. Thankfully, there are a few great ways to save on air travel, but they might require some changes in scheduling.

When you are looking for airline tickets, make sure you look on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These are the two most active days for airline ticket sales. You can also save by traveling to your music festival on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. These travel days are lighter and the tickets cost less. Once you figure out when you want to travel, make sure to scour the many deal sites like Priceline or Expedia. These aggregators look around for some of the best deals. You should always check the airline’s main site to see if you can score a deal there as well. And when you arrive, remember an affordable peer-to-peer car rental is ready to get you from the airport to the venue on the cheap.

Time for a Road Trip! Speaking of driving, what better way to enjoy a festival, like Bonnaro, Sasquatch, or the Pitchfork Music Festival, than to get in a car and drive the whole way there there? Road trips can be exciting, but only if you plan out beforehand. One thing to plan on early is if you want to drive your own car, or if a rental is the right option. If you are going to rent, look no further than RelayRides. You will pay much less than a traditional rental agency and you will get a wider selection of cars. Plus, RelayRides is in 1,900 cities and at 280 airports in the US.

Where to Sleep

Depending on the music festival and how much you enjoy sleeping outside, you need to think about your accommodations. There are many festivals where you camp right there and that can be a good time. If you don’t like sleeping around so many people, then you will need to stay away from the festival grounds. Typically, people just go with the first thing that pops in their head, which is a hotel. Hotels are everywhere and they are easy to get a room. The problem is that they can be expensive. You are trying to enjoy a music festival and not pay too much, so let’s think outside of the box.

In order to get a better selection and a better price, think about renting a place through Airbnb. This intuitive marketplace offers people an easy and care free way to find a rental in many places. You can rent a room or even a whole house. The best part is that it usually costs less than paying for a hotel room. On top of that, you can have some great experiences when renting from other people.

So, now that you know how to get to your festival on a shoestring, plan your summer accordingly!