Land of Opportunity: Making Money in the Sunshine State

RelayRides blogger Grayson Bell catches up with Florida member David Salinas to talk about making easy money with his car in the Sunshine State.

What does it feel like to live in a land of opportunity?  Luckily for you, we were able to reach out to RelayRides member, David Salinas, to get his feedback about living near a tourist town in Florida. The P2P rental marketplace is growing in Florida due to the overwhelming response that travelers want better options. David doesn’t just rent out his Mitsubishi Outlander, but also his Ford F-150, which allows him to take advantage of his proximity to the demands of tourism.

Why RelayRides?

David didn’t hear about RelayRides from a friend or co-worker, but actually from a magazine ad during a plane ride. David thought the idea of making money by renting out a car he already owned was intriguing. When he landed, he decided to check out what RelayRides was all about.

It didn’t take him long to be comfortable with the process. In no time, he listed his 2000 Toyota Echo for rent. “I was worried at first,” said David, “so I started with my used car, but am comfortable renting out my new one.”  After he rented out his car the first time, his mind was at ease.

Why Making Extra Money is Nice

The thought of making money by just renting out your vehicle can catch the eye of many. David is not different. With the average member making an extra $250 a month, there is no doubt that P2P car rentals can be a source of extra income. While David doesn’t expect to pay off his car with the extra income, he does use it to pay his car insurance and gas bills. This means he gets to enjoy his car for free.

About Living in a High Demand Area

David is lucky that he lives in an area close to a tourist town. Florida is a popular tourist area that bring millions of travelers every year. This makes it a great opportunity to rent out a vehicle. David takes advantage of this opportunity by renting out two vehicles to others. He says, “over half of my renters are tourists and travelers.”

While the summer months in Florida can be popular, so are some of the winter months. David sees great demand during the holiday months. There are a large amount of travelers visiting family during the November through January months. With the ease of the RelayRides platform, David gets to enjoy good demand just for living in a certain area.

How to Stand Out on RelayRides

One of the biggest pros of using the RelayRides system is that there are over 500 makes and models to choose from. People looking to rent a vehicle can find a diverse selection within their price range. In order to make his listings stand out a little more, David follows many of the tips that we listed on how to make your listing pop!

David says that in order to make your profile look it’s best, you need to focus on taking good pictures. Not only that, but upload many pictures, so potential renters can view your car from different angles. One of the most important tips that David provided was to respond to all requests quickly. People love it when you respond to their request quickly. He also said that he checks out other cars and listings in his area in order to stay competitive.

David’s Best Travel Tip

For those lucky travelers that want to make their trip the easiest, David says, “Stay off highway 95 during rush hour.”  He kept it short and sweet, but he made a good point. If you are going to be traveling during rush hour, stay off the major roads. Any good GPS can help you navigate around trouble spots.