Start Your Own Side-Hustle Today

RelayRides blogger Sydney Jarod reviews Kimberly Palmer’s new personal finance book, The Economy of You, which will help you make extra money in no time.

 Do you have a side-job, or, as many people are referring to it, a side-hustle? More and more Americans are finding their inner hustler in the face of an uncertain job market and the costs of some of life’s little surprises like medical bills, engagements, weddings and newborns. If you need some extra cash—more than your day-job can provide—a side-hustle may be exactly what you need.

Fortunately for you the sharing economy is the perfect place to get your side hustle going. With side-hustles like renting your car on a car-sharing marketplace RelayRides, or renting your house or spare room on Airbnb out there, there is no reason why you can’t make a little extra dough.

So, to help you decide if getting a side-hustle with the sharing economy is the right thing for you, consider the advice of personal finance writer Kimbely Palmer, author of posts like “5 Secrets of Successful Side-Hustles” and the new book The Economy of You.

Leverage what you have.

Starting a new business is tough, but it can be easier if you keep your costs down by using the tools and skills what you already have, says Palmer. What can you use to start making money on RelayRides? Your car! All you need to do is to log on to RelayRides, create a great-looking profile of your car and decide when you want your car to be available for rent.

That’s only the beginning though, because you can also use the skills you have to support your business, says Palmer. Are you a great photographer? A better photo of your car can help it get rented more frequently. Are you great at making people feel taken care of? The people that rent your car will probably leave great comments on your profile if you communicate well throughout the rental process or leave a welcome gift or care package in the car for your renters to enjoy during their trip.

Learn to sell.

Get the word out about your business, advises Palmer, so that people will know why they should do business with you. RelayRides provides a great platform for renters to search for cars by location, type and features, among other characteristics. But you can take control of your own success by learning how to market your car. Create a pitch for Facebook, Craiglist or discussion boards around your local paper or travel pages for your community and make sure to include a link to your RelayRides profile.

Connect with others.

Finally, Palmer says that you can learn a lot from meeting and sharing best practices with other side-hustlers. While the RelayRides blog can be a great place to learn more about making money by renting your car online with RelayRides, you may also learn a lot by checking out the profiles of top-renting cars in your area and ever renting their cars to see what sort of experience they offer the people that rent their cars.

Learning how to be a better side-hustler doesn’t have to be the only goal for getting to know the other car owners in your area though – other entrepreneurs and side-hustlers can be a source of emotional support and fun too! In fact, RelayRides wants car renters and car owners like you to vote for the location of the next RelayRides Member Appreciation Party so vote today for a chance to hang out with RelayRides and all the side-hustlers in your city.