Airport Car Rentals Don’t Have to Suck

RelayRides blogger Eric Rosenberg shares why renting a car at an airport is no longer a hassle because of the value and convenience of peer-to-peer car rentals.

We’ve all been there. It is 9:45pm. Your flight just landed two hours late. After waiting at the gate, waiting on the plane, and sitting on the runway waiting for a gate, the last thing you want to do is wait in a long line for a rude rental car agent. While RelayRides can’t make your plane on time, it can make the airport car rental process simple and easy for you.

Personal Greeting from Car Owner

When you walk out from the secure area, there are often crowds of people waiting for friends and family. On most trips, I walk past those families and make my way to the rental car desk. Sometimes that requires taking a shuttle ride or a long-walk across the airport.

With RelayRides, you get the best of both. You coordinate directly with the car owner to pick a time and meeting place at the airport so you can quickly and easily get the car and get on the road. A great example of the personal side of the RelayRides marketplace is Jayne Clark’s experience at Seattle Tacoma International Airport (where RelayRides saves 20%-60% compared to the regular rental guys). Jayne’s flight was early, but that didn’t prevent owner Tim Miller from checking her flight status and arriving to meet her with his Fiat 500—all of which Jayne documented for USA Today.

No Waits or Lines

When you meet with the car owner, you are not meeting a rental agent that spends eight hours each day dealing with frustrated renters. They are not in a rush to get through a line. They are not going to leave you with sub-par service.

When you pick up an airport rental with RelayRides, the drop off is just for you. You will meet with a great RelayRides member who is there to make sure only you get the car you want. In fact, many of the people who rent one of Tim’s amazing vehicles from LAX cite the convenience of not having to wait in long lines as the best part of the rental experience (besides the amazing cars.)

Get the Car, Get In, and Get Going

The entire process of renting from RealyRides is easy. Just log into your account and request the car that you’d like in the airport section. The car owner may get in touch or just approve the booking online.

Then you’ll setup the exact time and place to meet, shake hands and say hello, note any damage to the car, and hit the road.

Returning the car is just as easy. Make sure to fill up the tank to replace however much gas you used and drop the car and the keys back to the driver. 

Great Value for a Reliable Car

Depending on where you’re going, rentals can be expensive. RelayRides is easy and can help you save money too.

In Boston, you can save 30% or more on a typical car rental, or more with an SUV or van rental. Going to Chicago? A compact car is nearly 40% cheaper with RelayRides. Need a minivan to take the family around the Bay Area? In San Francisco, a minivan costs 67% less with RelayRides. The savings add up fast!

With all of the fees, a compact car at Seattle-Tacoma airport costs over $50 for a compact car once you add in all of the fees. Alternately, you can meet Jonathan at pickup his Volkswagon Jetta for only $31 per day. Easy, simple, and inexpensive.