Booking Rentals on RelayRides Just Got Easier

RelayRides CEO, Andre Haddad, shares how renting cars has become a whole lot easier for owners and renters.

When our community provides us with feedback, we pop the hood and start turning wrenches on our marketplace. That’s why I’m excited to announce that we have listened to our community and are once again introducing significant improvements to the RelayRides experience.

Time = Money

Your time is precious, so we’ve made our booking process more efficient than ever. Here’s how…

Approved trip requests book 100% of the time

Starting today, RelayRides car owners will only get trip requests from eligible and committed renters (those requests will appear as “Pending Trips” in the owner’s dashboard). We will verify that:

  • Renters meet the high bar of our eligibility requirements before they can send owners a trip request (by clicking the “Rent this car” button).

  • Renters provide a valid payment method that is authorized for the entire rental charge before they can send owners a trip request.

Finally, a renter can only submit one trip request at a time (by clicking the “Rent this car” button). This means that when the car owner approves the request, it is guaranteed to book. With this owner advantage comes a new level of service owners must provide: owners will have a maximum of 24 hours to accept a pending trip request. If owners do not respond in 24 hours, the renter’s business will go to another owner. Importantly, owners’ average response time will still be displayed on their car pages and will impact their cars’ position in search results.

In summary, and starting today, if you are a RelayRides car owner, any new trip request that you receive is committed. As long as you approve it in the 24 hour window, it will always book. No more waiting for the renter to come back and confirm. No more worries about accepting other trip requests while you’re waiting for the first one to book. We are making the booking process dramatically simpler and more predictable for car owners and renters.

book (2)

Responses in 24 hours max

Also, starting today, renters will also benefit from more clarity and certainty after they submit their trip request (by clicking the “Rent this car” button). They will no longer have to wait days for a response. Owners must respond within 24 hours of a trip request, making the rental process more straightforward for everyone. No more waiting for last minute approvals!

response (1)Improved messaging for rental inquiries

We’ve also overhauled renter-to-owner messaging to clearly distinguish between an inquiry and a pending trip. Renters will be able to connect with multiple owners for inquiries (by clicking the “Contact Owner” button) to verify availability, ask questions, and introduce themselves. Inquiries will include times and dates for pick-up and drop-off to streamline communication. Based on these times and dates, owners will be able to pre-approve trips or counter-propose alternate times and dates, resulting in much faster bookings. Inquiries will also be computed in owners’ response rate and response time.

messaging (2) New cancellation policy

We’ve revised our cancellation policy in a way that will reinforce the commitment between renters and owners (see detailed cancellation policy.)

cancellation (2)

Increased convenience

As a result of these changes, we are confident that the RelayRides marketplace will increase owners’ earnings while reducing their effort, and get renters on the road faster with less hassle.

If you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you. Just email us at