5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Car

So, you think you know all about your car? Think again. RelayRides blogger Eric Rosenberg shares five things you didn’t know about your car.

Your car is a trusted partner in getting you, your family, and your stuff around. I have great memories of taking my car across the country or across the state to great new places and experiences. But it can do a lot more than just help you get around.

It Can Run on French Fry Grease

Okay, so maybe not your car, but a lot of them. Biodiesel is an alternative fuel that can be used to run nearly any vehicle with a diesel engine, which isn’t all that different from the engine in your car.

Biodiesel vehicles and French Fry cars are very real, and run on vegetable oils. This is taking ethanol, or E85, to the next level.

After adding a conversion kit that costs under $2,000, nearly any diesel motor can be adapted to run on oil right from the deep fryer.

You Can Fix It Yourself

The mechanic is an expensive guy to visit, but can be very worthwhile for many serious fixes. However, there are tons of small jobs you can probably do yourself and save a bunch of money.

I have changed my cars’ oil, battery, headlights, taillights, air filter, cabin air filter, and a lot more.

If you want to get started on fixing things like that, or even more advanced fixes like brake pads, alternators, and more, just look for videos on YouTube that walk you through it, like this video on how to replace an oxygen sensor in about 3 minutes.

You Can Read the Car Computer with Your Phone

Automatic is a $99 device that connects to any modern car and sends maintenance info from your car’s computer right to your phone. Now you know why the check engine light is on, along with lots of other interesting stats.

If that is out of your price range, check out Dash. It is a free app and works with some car connectors under $20.

You Can Control Your Car with Your Phone

Some companies are taking it a step further than reading your car with your phone. For $100-$300, you can get a Connect2Car and control your locks, turn the car on and off, move electric windows, and get alerts when the alarm goes off, track it with GPS, and even get a notification if someone bumps your parked car when you’re not there.

Now you can rest easy when away from your car, turn it on to warm up on a cold morning, or crack the windows when you’re on your way to the car on a hot day.

It Can Make You Money

All that, and it can pay you too!

With peer-to-peer car rental marketplaces, such as RealyRides, you can rent out your car when you are not using it. Whether you can go without your family’s second car on the weekend like RelayRides member Justin, or you can walk to work and don’t need it a few days a week, you can turn your idle car into a money maker.