Dude, Your Car is Ripping you off

RelayRides blogger Eric Rosenberg explains how changes in how we use are cars are making them assets that are ripping us off as well as how to remedy this.

Once upon a time, people viewed their car as part of the family. Some relics of those days are still around. A friend gives their car a name. You overhear a guy referring to his sports car as “baby.” But those days may be behind us as the new generation looks at a car for what it is: a utility, or an investment that owes you money.

We Used to Depend on Cars for Everything

Cars made their way to prominence in a day when gas was a quarter per gallon and expanding cities and industries were taking people farther and farther from their home each day.

It was a time when going in the car on a family outing was a big deal. My Dad has told me stories about getting dressed up to go to Sears in Dallas, Texas. My Mom has memories loading up in the family sedan and driving downtown to Dayton’s in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

They both have shared stories about the family’s cars and driving around their hometowns. And the family car was something special to be proud of. A car owner would never consider letting someone else drive their car, often not even their spouse.

People Have Less Need for a Car

Fast forward to 2014…

We are in the midst of a digital revolution. People telecommute instead of driving to the company headquarters. The most sought after skills have nothing to do with factories. The most desired employees can work on any computer to create software, websites, and enhance the online user experience.

Teens don’t care about driving to the mall to hang out with their friends – I remember the days of “my Mom can drop us off if your Mom can pick us up.” No, today teens are connected to their friends nearly all waking hours with mobile apps like Snapchat.

Commuters are taking trains, teens are connecting online, and people are finding cheaper ways to use a car when they need one. Car use is becoming less formal. I have let friends, parents, and my fiancé drive my cars lots of times without thinking twice.

A Car as an Investment

Each month, we diligently pay our power, water, and internet bills, as we need those utilities for a function in our lives. Cars are similar. They get us from point A to point B, and they can help us move stuff around too.

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