How to Save on Travel During Peak Season

For those of us who have to vacation during the peak season, RelayRides blogger Amanda L. Grossman shares tips on how to save money.

One of the easiest ways to chop travel costs substantially is to travel during the off-season. In fact, my husband’s family does this each year when we book a large beach house in Galveston for a long weekend in late September.

But what if you don’t want to travel in the off-season? Or perhaps you are scared of potential hurricanes, flooding, cool temps and other things that can creep up during this time period?

Let me show you how you can still save money when travelling during the peak season.

Purchase an Entertainment Book

Do you know those thick coupon books school-aged children sell about once a year for various fundraisers? Instead of purchasing one for your location, which you might not think is worth the $35 investment, purchase one for the location where you will be travelling to. This makes you much more likely to use the entertainment and food coupons available.

Then, at the end of your trip, why not pass on the savings to an unsuspecting stranger in the area before leaving? Talk about a nice random act of kindness!

Book an Alternative to a Hotel

When you are travelling during peak times, there are less available hotel rooms. The uptick in demand causes the prices to be much higher than they are in the off-season.

You can still enjoy off-season prices by booking an alternative to a hotel. Instead, Check out AirBnB or VRBO where you can rent a person’s home. You might be surprised at what you receive, as homes tend to have amenities that hotels could never offer.

Bonus: since you will have access to a full kitchen, you can also save on food costs by cooking a few meals instead of eating out.

Choose a Location that is Not at Its Peak

Travelling during peak season does not mean that you need to travel to a location at its peak. What do I mean by this? Summer is a very popular time to travel for families because kids are out of school. Most people hit the beach, or otherwise go south. Why not go against the tides and hit up a cooler-temp location? If that’s not your thing, ask around for the location you want to go to and make sure that you are not scheduling your travel for a very popular time with festivals, conventions, etc. For example, my husband and I drove to Disney World completely spontaneously several years ago when I was living in Florida and had unexpectedly lost my job. When we arrived, it was a ghost town. There were no lines, there were hardly any people…and it was in June. We asked around and found out that we had amazingly stumbled upon a known slow week right before the crash of summer travelers were due to arrive. What luck!

Choose an Alternative Car Rental

When you rent a car during peak season from traditional car rentals places, rates can be 10 times the amount they would normally be. Instead, use the sharing economy to your advantage. RelayRides offers Person-to-Person (P2P) car rentals that fluctuate far less in price for peak/off-peak seasons. On top of that, you generally save 40% across the board.

Travelling during the peak season, when it’s often more convenient to do so, does not have to come off your list in order to save money. Use the steps above and you will be able to book the trip you want to take, when you want to take it.