RelayRides Unveils Souped-Up Mobile App

RelayRides CEO, Andre Haddad, announces the release of the redesigned RelayRides iOS app and provides an update on the marketplace.

Just in time for the busy summer travel season, we are excited to unveil our redesigned iOS app, which is going to make renting cars on RelayRides easier, faster and more reliable than ever.

Meet the Improved RelayRides iOS App

As part of the changes to the RelayRides iOS app, we have completely redesigned the member dashboard for owners and renters, streamlined booking and added support for committed requests. Additionally, with over half of our bookings coming from travelers, we wanted to improve their experience as well, so we have made it possible for a full international driver on-boarding. This means that now international travelers can now sign-up for RelayRides and book a rental entirely from the app.

Now that mobile has surpassed desktop as the primary way to access RelayRides, we expect these improvements to mobile to not only provide our members with a better marketplace experience, but further accelerate our growth.

Mobile Contributing to RelayRides’ Rapid Growth

By continuously listening to our members’ feedback on how to make our marketplace better, RelayRides has grown to include hundreds of thousands of renters and tens of thousands of cars. And this is great news for everyone in the marketplace: more owners offering more rental options in additional locations and an ever-increasing number of renters spending their dollars with a neighbor.

We are also excited to report that over the last six months, we have focused on what has proven to be the best user experience for the peer-to-peer model of car rentals: long duration and travel rentals. This shift of focus on rentals over 24 hours and on travelers has propelled RelayRides to 3x revenue growth in the last year and 10x over the last 2 years.

Travel with RelayRides This Summer

Improvements to our iOS add to a long list of reasons why RelayRides has become a preferred option when renting a car. In addition to an improved mobile experience, we offer better value, selection and convenience when compared to traditional rental car companies. This means you can expect paying 40 percent less than at a traditional rental car company, enjoy a wider selection of makes and models and experience greater convenience throughout the rental process.

Travelers can also rent vehicles listed at nearly 200 airports throughout the country and owners can expect to earn more per transaction renting at nearby airports.

Download the App Today

We are really excited about our improved app and hope that you will download it today and share your feedback with us. Just email the team at