Cheaper Options in the Most Expensive Cities to Rent a Car

RelayRides blogger Amanda L. Grossman is a master of the art of frugal traveling, so we asked her to share how to avoid pricy rental cars this summer.

Prices vary wildly depending upon where you are in the United States. For example, gas right now averages $3.42/gallon here in Houston, TX, but it is $3.89/gallon in Hartford, CT. The reasons for price fluctuations vary just as much, such as distance from production sources, consumer demand, and even laws and regulations. So it should come as no surprise that car rental prices vary greatly by city as well. Unfortunately, some of the most beautiful and awesome destinations around the US have the nation’s highest costs for car rentals.

What’s your car rental hack for traveling this summer, even if it’s in some of the most expensive places for car rentals? RelayRides is the best way to enter the P2P marketplace, where you can find rentals for 40% cheaper across the board.

Let me show you how you can find much cheaper cars up against the average car rental price in the 10 most expensive places for car rentals (according to a list produced by

Portland, Oregon ($86/day): If you rent this energy efficient Toyota Prius at $39/day, not only do you chop your rental costs in half, but you will also save on gas costs.

New York City, NY ($83/day): Rent this great Dodge Caravan for just $46/day, almost half of the average it costs to rent a vehicle in the Big Apple.

Boston, MA ($75/day): For just $37/day, you can rent this posh Mini Cooper Coupe. Need something a bit larger while you are in Boston? Try out this Mazda A6 at an affordable $40/day.

Denver, CO ($65/day): The next time you are in Denver, rent this Subaru Legacy and explore the surrounding countryside for just $40/day.

Chicago, IL ($63/day): This Toyota Prius will save you lots of moolah at just $38/day (so you can spend it on those deep dish pizzas), and will also save you money on gas.

Sacramento, CA ($62/day): Enjoy this Ford Fiesta for just $33/day and spend your savings on fresh seafood at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Buffalo, NY ($61/day): The closest P2P vehicle rental for Buffalo NY is 80 miles away (be the first to list a vehicle rental in this area!). At $48/day you can rent the Pontiac Aztec in Erie, PA.

Kansas City, MO ($61/day): Rent this Pontiac Montana for just $35/day.

Nashville, TN ($60/day): You can cruise around Nashville and surrounding areas in this Jeep Wrangler for half of the average rental cost, at $30/day.

Memphis, TN ($59/day): Are you going to be in Memphis, TN? Rent this Honda Pilot for just $39/day and pocket that extra $20/day towards something you want.

The fact is, you can use public transportation or taxis while in many of these cities. But sometimes renting a vehicle and having it at your disposal makes more sense (and offers more convenience). If you’re looking for your own vehicle to drive around on your next trip – whether for personal travel or for business – then check out RelayRides’ cheaper alternatives.