Plan Your Canadian Adventure with RelayRides

Did you know that you could visit Canada with your RelayRides rental? Head North on a Canadian adventure with these ideas from Eric Rosenberg.

Did you know you can rent an affordable car with RelayRides and drive it into Canada? And from some easy-to-get-to cities you can find the perfect car and start on a fun driving trip up to America’s neighbor to the north! Here are some great destinations you can visit with your RelayRides rental.


Just two and a half hours north from Seattle, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful and fun cities on the West Coast of the United States. Vancouver is a city on the water with scenic views, large parks, craft breweries, and a great downtown. No wonder the winter Olympics were hosted there only four years ago.

While the winters are cold, the summers are wonderful in Vancouver. Just pick your favorite SEA rental, your passport, and take the easy and scenic drive and you will be over the border in no time.


Toronto is Canada’s financial center, but the city has a lot more going on than just business. With the famous 1,815 foot tall CN Tower, year-round indoor and outdoor amusement parks, beaches, world class museums and galleries, and a 1.5 million square foot mall with an attached hotel in the middle of downtown, there is plenty to keep you busy.

Toronto is the 10th biggest city in the Americas and the 3rd largest city in North America.

Less than two hours from Buffalo, New York, you can take a RelayRides rental car on the short drive around Lake Ontario and arrive at your destination in comfort and style.


Windsor, Ontario is one of the only cities in Canada where you have to drive south from its American neighbor to visit. Just over the river ten minutes south of downtown Detroit, Windsor is a fun, family friendly city.

Windsor has a great history. It acted as a hub on the Underground Railroad, became a major whiskey distilling hotspot during United States prohibition, and even gangster Al Capone is rumored to have enjoyed his time on the other side of the Detroit River. Modern attractions include a major casino and the International Freedom Festival with a world-famous fireworks display.

Fly into DTW and grab a car and you will be in downtown Windsor in about 30 minutes. You can split your time between Motor City and Windsor for a memorable international vacation.


Most people think of Paris when they think of French, but Montreal is the second biggest French speaking city in the world, and it is only two and a half hours from Vermont’s capital Montpelier and five hours from Boston.

Known for great architecture, wine, music, churches, and museums, Montreal has much of the charm and appeal of a European destination but much closer to home. Just pick up your RelayRides rental car in Vermont and you’ll be in this French, cosmopolitan city in no time.