5 Ways to Treat Dad on the Cheap This Father’s Day

Father’s day is coming up soon, and RelayRides blogger Eric Rosenberg has some great ideas for fun with Dad on a budget.

Father’s day is coming up quick, and all over the country we are thinking of ways to make our Dad happy on his big day. While the day has gained a reputation as an overpriced “Hallmark Holiday,” there are plenty of ways to treat Dad to a day of fun on a budget.

Take Him to a Ball Game

In my hometown, Colorado Rockies tickets start at $5 for the Rockpile section behind center field. For only $10, you could take yourself and your Dad for some one-on-one time and spend less than the cost of a movie ticket.

As long as you are smart about the beers, hot dogs, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks, you will have a great memory together without a big expense.

Share a Day Enjoying Your Favorite Shared Hobby

Chances are that if your Dad raised you, you probably have more than a few common interests. Do you both enjoy hiking, cycling, fishing, golfing, working on old cars, or building things? Why not do those things together for a day?

Most outdoor activities are totally free if you already own the equipment, and any sort of craft project only requires the components you might already have lying around the house, or can pick up on the cheap.

Home Brewing Day

Do you and Dad both enjoy a quality brew? Why not make your own together?

Getting started in homebrewing with the fancy equipment can be expensive, but single use kits are available that are more budget friendly for first time brewers. Check out a local home brew shop and chat with the staff for recipe ideas and brewing suggestions.

I have made about a half dozen beers. Once you have the equipment, the supplies for a 5-6 gallon batch that makes about 50 twelve-ounce bottles costs around $30-$40 for most typical ales and stouts, and $40-$65 for more complex IPAs.

Give Him a Staycation

Dads are known for doing the grilling, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like a well prepared steak made for them. Take the stress out of a day in the life of Dad and give him a staycation.

Think about doing the little chores and tasks around the house for a day to make it a stress free day of relaxation. Bring over a six pack, cook his favorite meal, put on his favorite show, spend time together, and don’t forget to do the dishes!

Get Him a Sports Car for the Day

Looking for something that no other child has thought of before? Go outside the box and get your Dad his favorite sports car for the day!

RelayRides makes renting a car easy and cheaper than the traditional rental companies, and there are great, fun, and fast cars nearby waiting for you. Maybe your Dad is a big fan of the Porche 911? Maybe he would love to zip around in a red Corvette? How about renting a convertible to take in the nice weather in style? Just in-time for Father’s Day, RelayRides is offering gift cards for rentals for a 20%, click here for more information.

No memory would be more fun than driving around in a dream car for the day. Check out rentals near you on RelayRides to make it happen.