Affordable Getaways this 4th of July

RelayRides blogger Amanda L. Grossman shares affordable options for making the most of your 4th of July, three-day weekend.

July 4th falls on a Friday this year, making it a three-day weekend for many. This is the perfect time to plan a little getaway with your family. And if you’re on a budget—like most of us are—you are in luck.

RelayRides already offers better selection, convenience and prices 35% lower than traditional rental companies, but a great deal just goy better. To celebrate Independence Day, RelayRides is happy to offer all current and new members $20 off their next rental. Members can claim their credit by entering the promo code USA2014 on their RelayRides account page. Credit may be redeemed until end of day (midnight PDT) Friday, July 4th.

Here are some ideas for how to take advantage of your $20 credit

Take Your Family Camping

Camping is an affordable way to take your family on a vacation. Not only that, but you can spend lots of quality time together out in the wilderness. Pack supplies for s’mores, and find out ahead of time where the nearest fireworks display is located so that you don’t miss out on the 4th of July fun. And for a really fun activity, try out some geocaching.

A way to make camping even more affordable is by borrowing the equipment that you don’t own. If you own a tent but lack the right number of sleeping bags, then ask family and friends to borrow theirs. Be sure to return the favor!

Find an American Revolution Reenactment

Bring history alive by witnessing an actual American Revolution Reenactment. Across the United States you can find live battle reenactments, encampments, tactical exercises, firelock shooting competitions and more. You will want to search for reenactments in your area, but here are a few to get you started: New Jersey (here as well), Vermont, Arizona.

There are also other battle reenactments available, such as Gettysburg’s Civil War battle reenactment scheduled for July 4-6, 2014. To find ones closer to home, call the closest battlefield to you to ask if they host reenactments, and when the next one will be.

Take a Historical Site Day Trip

All around us are historical sites where major events that shaped the US took place. Wouldn’t it be fun to take a day trip to some of these sites? On top of adding some context to your 4th of July celebration, many of these places offer special festivals and activities in the holiday’s honor.

For example, if you’re in the beltway, a great getaway is Mount Vernon, the home to our first President and Commander-in-Chief during the Revolutionary War. Another place to check out is Thomas Jefferson’s Montecello. For another type of American history, you can take a tour of the 21 missions along California’s coastline.

No matter what you do this 4th of July, don’t forget to enjoy the fireworks and celebrations happening around you. Find a park, county, HOA (Homeowner’s Association), or community with a free outdoor celebration. For example, our neighborhood, plus the neighborhood bordering ours both offer free 4th of July picnics complete with activities for kids and hot dogs/hamburgers for everyone. Oftentimes these parties are also a great backdrop to a free firework show, so be sure to hang around!