Finding the Money to Fund Your Passion

RelayRides blogger and personal finance expert, Amanda L. Grossman, shares a member story about how you can help fund your passion with an easy side gig.

Each of us has something we are passionate about. For some, it’s following a football team or something else that is relatively cheap such as riding bicycles. For others, it’s creating something that has more costs involved. Unfortunately, costs hold many back from pursuing their passion.

Instead of Eduardo Maisonet saying “no” to his passion of giving aspiring writers and thinkers a platform to share their voices about sports and culture, he decided to go with it anyway and figure out a way to fund it later.

And his gutsy decision paid off, thanks in part to renting out his idle vehicle on

How Much do You Earn on RelayRides and What Does it Fund?

Eduardo has been able to make hundreds of dollars per month using RelayRides. “The money I make goes directly into the investment of my digital publication The Sports Fan Journal and the work we’re doing by giving aspiring writers and thinkers a platform to share their voices about sports and culture.”

He adds, “We keep costs to a minimum, as the most we spend on TSFJ is for our hosting fees and ad-hoc design projects. We are in the midst of launching a new site design and the additional funds from RelayRides definitely help pay for it.”

Other side gigs include being a print/digital contributor to SLAM Magazine and a weekly column entitled “Happy Hour” for SB Nation that focuses on the NBA as well as awesome cocktail suggestions.

Becoming Part of the Community Around You

At first, Eduardo rented out his vehicle purely for financial reasons. As he stated, “if there’s ever an opportunity to make some additional cash in the Bay Area, you have to consider it.” But as he interacted with more renters, he said, “you really get a sense of the community around you and the needs of the people you live near. My renters have ranged from a photographer who’s chasing her dream, to a shopper ready to stock up on fabulousness, to a family of three just looking to getaway for the weekend. In some small way, I helped them with that, and that’s pretty cool.

Tips for Earning More to Put Towards Your Own Passions

When asked how others can increase requests and approval rates to earn more money on RelayRides, Eduardo has a few ideas. His model is in keeping customers so that they become repeat fans, meaning he’s worked on building relationships. “The best thing that helped me increase request rates were the little things. An adjective here describing your car. A tidbit about an extra feature about your car. A prompt response to a request to rent your car, be it to approve or decline the request. That’s how you stand out and build relationships, and I believe that the renters I’ve had thus far have told me they want to be repeat renters.”

The next time you are near Oakland, California, be sure to check out Eduardo’s 2009 Nissan Sentra for just $25 per day!