How One Woman Made Her Stay-at-Home Mom Dream a Reality

RelayRides blogger Amanda L. Grossman shares a member story about how renting an idle vehicle can help women or men become stay-at-home parents.

According to a Pew Center Research study, there is a growing trend of women who have become stay at home mothers.

Robin Nagy is one such woman. She knew she wanted to be a stay at home mom when she started having children, not only because continuing to work did not make financial sense for her family–childcare costs, more takeout, and other extras due to juggling work and family–but Robin also wanted to have a really close bond with her children that she thought she would miss out on by working full-time.

One thing she was sure of: she knew she could make it work financially with a combination of making a little side income, and choosing some cost-saving parenting techniques.

Making the Decision to Be a Stay-at-Home Mom (SAHM)

There are many reasons why Robin decided to become a SAHM. She says it was, “partly because of how I was raised, but I had also taken a Marriage & Family class at Emporia State University.  In this class, we had discussed how little you’re actually gaining taking your children somewhere and working full-time.  It wasn’t just the money spent on childcare, it was also the ‘I’m too tired to cook, let’s eat out,’  ‘I feel guilty for not spending time with you, here is a toy,’ etc.  Even the small amount of extra gas money spent adds up.”

She used to contract with power companies to map out their electrical lines, but stayed at home for nine months with her first child. Then she stopped working in the field all together when she gave birth to her second child.

Financially Affording to be a SAHM

Now that Robin’s family lost some income, she worked on ways to save money in order to make things work. She homeschools her two children, uses cloth diaper, breastfed instead of buying expensive formula, and had homebirths. She also purchases items from yard sales.

Financially Contributing to Her Family

Robin wanted to start contributing financially to her family again when her youngest was about six months old. While she initially did some data entry as an employee for her previous employer, she found the quota hard to maintain with her new lifestyle. Then she became an assistant to a photographer, but she only made a little bit of money and her gas costs ate into her small profits.

Then she found RelayRides, the perfect solution to her current needs. Robin says that renting her idle vehicle is a perfect money-maker for them, and that she and her family “just have to plan a little in advance for groceries and books due back to the library.” In the last few months that Robin has been with RelayRides, she’s made $100 extra per month.

Robin says other side gigs include, “relisting things on Ebay” and owning two rental properties (one had been a foreclosure).

Tips for Earning Income on RelayRides

Robin advertises her rental on both Facebook and Craigslist, as well as offers curbside pickup for people coming in and out of Kansas City International Airport. Further, she says, “I am just overall pleasant and give renters a good, clean, reliable vehicle.  Most of my renters have been ‘first timers’, so they have a lot of questions and I do my best to answer them, of course. I also provide jumper cables, hydraulic jack, and a chock block.”

Flying into Kansas City International Airport? Be sure to check out Robin’s 2002 Pontiac Montana for just $35 per day.