Moving Cheaply and Easily Revisited

Planning on a major move? Blogger Eric Rosenberg, who recently moved from Denver, Colorado to Portland, Oregon, has tips for saving money when you move.

Moving is expensive. An interstate move, or even a local move, can cost thousands of dollars if you add up movers, supplies, deposits, and other bumps that can come up along the way. We once gave some tips for saving money on a move, and have some fresh ideas for the next time you pick up and head to a new home.

Sell Your Junk

You know those kitchen gadgets you never use? The IKEA furniture you’ve had for a while but don’t want to look at anymore in your new place? How about those old rollerblades you have not used since 1997? Sell your junk!

Not only does this make you money and make your home more comfortable, but it also reduces your moving cost. If you are hiring a mover, your expenses are usually determined by weight, so less weight saves you money. Additionally, fewer boxes of stuff and less furniture takes less time and saves you money on the move in and move out costs.

Pack Up Early

Don’t waste money renting a truck longer than you have to or hiring a crew to pack up your stuff. Start packing early to save time and cash.

Start with basements, attics, storage closets, and stuff you don’t use very often and as the move gets closer move into your office, clothes, kitchen, and other parts of the house. Before you know it, you will be all boxed up and ready to pack up on the truck.

Fix Damage Now

Nothing is worse than moving out expecting a nice refund on your security deposit only to have hundreds of dollars in fees. The worst offenders are often pet damage and holes in the walls. You can fix those yourself before the landlord comes (or before you sell) to save yourself some money.

If your walls are white, patch any nail and tack holes you can. Spackle or other fillers are very cheap and only take a moment to mix up, patch, and smooth out. If your walls are colored, you can fix it with a little paint or patch and then paint. Be sure not to mix colors!

If you have other issues you can fix yourself, save the money down the road and take care of them today.

Make it a DIY Move

Like Harriet said last time around, you can do a lot yourself to save money. Rather than buying boxes and packing supplies, make do it yourself packing paper (newspaper) and find boxes from liquor stores and grocery stores.

Rather than hiring expensive movers, hire your friends. I have moved myself very cheap. I exchanged friendly muscle for pizza and beer at the end of the day. And I’m happy to help a friend move in, I just ask for a cold one in return.

The biggest expense is usually the truck, and you can save big on an intra-city move by borrowing a truck from a friend. If you can’t find one to use, do the next best thing. Rent a truck for the day, or the weekend, from RealyRides.

RelayRides members have trucks and vans available in nearly every corner of the United States, so save yourself a few bucks on your next move: