Rental Options for Drivers Under 25

RelayRides blogger Amanda L. Grossman shares a member story that highlights why RelayRides is the perfect option for Millennials to rent a car.

Have you ever tried to rent a vehicle from a traditional car rental agency when you were under 25? It’s not pretty. Going through this ordeal is something that both RelayRides’ renter Katherine Hayden and I have in common.

For me, it was my first-ever business trip to Fargo, North Dakota right after I graduated college. I was to fly in and oversee production of an order at my company’s food facility. Then I was to oversee that order being loaded onto a container that would be shipped to Taiwan. Even though I was old enough to handle all of this, I had an annoying time trying to find a car rental agency that would rent a vehicle to me at the age of 24. I finally did find a company willing to “help” me out, but it was for a hefty extra fee.

Being able to rent a vehicle without a penalty under the age of 25 is exactly what brought Katherine to RelayRides. What kept her coming back, however, is much more.

RelayRides Welcomes Responsible Renters

Katherine originally tried out RelayRides when she found that traditional rental agencies would charge an extra $25/day to rent her a vehicle because of her age.

She says, “after the first time, I was hooked. I’ve used RelayRides for everything from weekend camping trips to week-long rentals when visiting another city. Most recently, I’ve been renting to help my transition into a new city: moving furniture and buying half of IKEA.”

IKEA offers home delivery of items you buy for a large fee (approximately $65 per trip). While Katherine admits that renting a vehicle and paying the gas on it does not necessarily save her much when transporting furniture, she says there are far better reasons to keep renting from RelayRides.

Getting to Know Your Community One Rental at a Time

Katherine believes in the sharing economy. More so than that, she loves getting to know people from her community by renting their vehicles.

“I don’t rent from RelayRides to save money—I do it for convenience and community. This one time, when I was living in DC, I told the owner I was going to the beach. He left a bunch of beach toys and an umbrella in the trunk for us. That was so sweet that I left him cookies when I dropped off the car.”

Convenience is Key as Well

The fact is, renters get to call the shots simply by choosing a car and person to work with based on what will work for them. This kind of convenience is also a key factor for why Katherine stays with RelayRides.

Katherine says, “I’ve been renting from the same guy here in SF [San Francisco] lately because he has a selection of cars to choose from depending on what my needs are. It’s not necessarily the cheapest option, but he’s responsive and the location works well for me. While I like meeting owners, the flexibility of using a lock-box for key transfer is preferable to me. I might be running a little late to pick up, or early to drop off, and I appreciate not having to rush or coordinate timing with the owner exactly.”

A Tip to Make Your Next Rental Go Smoothly

Katherine recommends RelayRides to others all the time. She believes “sharing is caring,” and that being able to rent a car for one day makes a lot more sense than renting from other non-traditional car rental sites that have rentals just for two hours.

When asked for a tip on making your next rental go smoothly, Katherine responds, “Be communicative! The best part of renting from RelayRides is that you’re renting from a human. Be kind and patient. If you anticipate a problem or delay, get in touch early.”