6 Occasions When You’ll Want to Rent a Car

RelayRides blogger Amanda L. Grossman explains when are the best times to rent a car from a peer-to-peer car rental marketplace.

Most people stay out of car rental facilities as often as they can. Let’s face it, between the surprise fees and the less-than-transparent fine print, traditional car rental agencies can make you kind of nervous. Now that peer-to-peer car rentals are an option, the game has completely changed. Suddenly, sites like RelayRides offers car rentals that are 35% cheaper across the board. You don’t have to sign your life away on documents you don’t want to read through, and there are no tacked on fees. So, how can you take advantage of this great opportunity? Here are 5 different occasions where you’ll want to rent a car (now that it’s so darn cheap and easy to do):

1. During a Move

Moving homes or apartments? You can find a vehicle with a lot of trunk space to rent instead of a U-Haul or just skimping by with multiple trips in your own car. Want to get the job done even faster? Ask a friend to drive your car, and you drive the rental so that you have two cars going at once. Don’t forget to treat them to lunch.

2. To Start Your Anniversary Celebration Right

Spice up your anniversary celebration by renting an (affordable) luxury vehicle. Can you imagine the surprise when you roll up in a special vehicle to pick up your special someone?

3. Renting a Car at the Airport

Flying somewhere? Need a car? You’re probably worried about some of the hassles typically associated with renting a car at an airport–high prices, low selection and long lines. Fortunately that is no longer the case with RelayRides. With members renting out cars at 300 airports across the US and with an airport lot at SFO with plans to expand to other airports, RelayRides makes renting simple, convenient and affordable.

4. Transporting Out-of-Town Guests

Once a year I am blessed to have several of my family members come to visit me. Since both of our vehicles are the small, two-door kind, it makes sense for us to rent a larger vehicle to comfortably transport everyone at once. Not only does this equal more time together, but it also means you save your guests from having to rent their own vehicle. In my family, that favor is always returned when we go home to visit them over the holidays.

5. For a Road Trip

Your vehicle may not be comfortable enough for a long road trip. Or if it’s comfortable, perhaps it’s not as reliable as it should be and you are second-guessing whether or not you should get that Triple AAA membership (count me in this category with my 200,000+ mile vehicle). Instead, rent a safe, reliable vehicle and you will have peace of mind as you go on your next adventure. Not only that, but you are saving some wear and tear on your own vehicle.

6. To Make a Grand Entrance to your Graduation

A person doesn’t get too many graduations in their lives. Why not roll up to your graduation – or even graduation party – in a snazzy vehicle? It will add to your memory of the event, and certainly elevate the whole experience. Bottom line: there are many reasons to rent a vehicle, and now that it is an affordable and convenient option, you might as well take full advantage.