DIY Tips to Make Your Car Look Amazing

RealyRides money expert Eric Rosenberg loves do-it-yourself projects to keep his home and car in top shape. Here are tips to help make your car look great without breaking the bank.

Car maintenance projects can be expensive, but every car maintenance project doesn’t have to be. There are a handful of projects you can do yourself to make your car look great without spending a fortune.

Clean Out the Clutter

The easiest way to make your car look like crap is to fill it up with junk. Over the months and years, a few pieces of paper, a broken ice scraper, and other odds and ends can make your car feel and look cramped on the inside.

Take a few minutes and clean out everything in your car and trunk and throw it into a box. Starting with a fresh, clean car, go through the box and separate into three piles: trash, in-the-house, and in-the-car. Take those piles to where they belong and your car will look a lot nicer on the inside.

Clean the Tires

Your tires do the dirty work for your car. Mud, puddles, and snow are just a few of the sources of nasty looking tires. Making them black and clean again is easy, and you can do it yourself for less than ten bucks.

Start by cleaning your tires off with a hose or sprayer. Higher power nozzles will wash away debris. Once your tire is try, spray on a store bought tire cleaner. This list of tire and wheel cleaners will help you pick the best cleaner for your car.

Wax On… Wax Off

Make your car shine with a good coat of wax after your next car wash. You can buy car wax at any store auto department or an auto specialty store. Most brands of wax will do the same thing, so be sure to look for coupons and find the best priced wax available.

Here are some tips on the best method to wax your car yourself.


You spend more time in your car than looking at it, so take pride on the inside. Now that you’ve taken out the clutter spend a little time cleaning in the inside.

Grab a shop vac, or even just your regular vacuum from home, and vacuum your mats, floors, and use the hand attachment for your seats. Even try to get into the cracks to pull out the crumbs and anything that may have slipped down.

Clean the Windows

If you have kids or dogs, you know how fast your windows can get dirty. Clean the inside and outside to give it a crystal clear windows.

Grab any household window cleaner and some towels. Turn on some music and wipe down both the inside and outside of every window and mirror.

Check the Lights

Not much makes a nice car look like a junker faster than dead bulbs. With a friend or family member, turn on the car and test the headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn indicators, and even the little light over the license plate.

Changing lights in a car is very easy. Just open up your manual for instructions on accessing the bulbs, pull out the dead ones, and take them to an auto parts store. Find the right replacement, click the bulb into place, and you’re good to go.

Make a Profit

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