High Quality Car Photos Could Earn You 50% More

RelayRides Data Scientist Charles Durand shares the details on turning your car into even more cash. A great, high quality picture of your car can increase your earnings by up to 50%.

If you are already a RelayRides member, and we hope you are, or are considering listing your car, you might not think twice about snapping a quick phone picture and adding it to your profile. If you take a little extra time to clean your car and get a great, high resolution picture, your RelayRides income can go up by as much as 50%.

First Impressions Are Everything Online

When you list your car, you only share a few quick details. The type of car, the year, the mileage, and a short description give the basics, but as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

When renters are scrolling through the search pages, your best bet to get a click is to stand out from the crowd. While most sedans have similar features, if your car has a standout image, you will get double the clicks of a car with a poor quality image.

On the listing page, the image takes up about half of the page and is the first thing the prospective renter will see. This is the place where you can really show off your car’s great condition. A few exterior pictures showing that the car looks great with a handful of interior images showing that the car has been well cared for go a long way to increase your rentals and income.

Better Pictures Drive Better Visibility

Over the last month, the RelayRides data analytics team conducted a study to relate image quality to car listing views and rentals. The results indicated a strong positive correlation between high quality car images and number of pageviews and rentals.

Each time a new car is submitted, three separate people look at the picture and rate it on a 0-5 scale to help judge the attractiveness for potential renters, with 5 being the highest quality score. The RelayRides analytics team uses those image scores to track the relationship between image quality and the number of views and rentals.

Number of views

The data shows that cars with a score of 0-2 are viewed on average 200 times per month while cars with a score of 4-5 are viewed on average 300 times per month. Cars with a perfect 5 attractiveness score are viewed an average of twice as many times as low scoring images.

What does this mean for you? If you take the time for a great, high quality image your car will be viewed twice as much. That is double the chances for someone to rent your car and put cash in your pocket.

Better Pictures Lead to More Requests

We also compared how many requests each vehicle had based on image quality. For each point the image score increased, the car was 8.5% more likely to be requested.

Number of requests

The difference in rental requests between a vehicle with an image quality score score of 0 to 1 and a vehicle with a score of 4 to 5 was 50%. That means while a car with a flawed image might be making $500 per month, just improving the image alone could make the owner an extra $250 per month. That’s $3000 per year!

Don’t Overlook the Picture, Or Anything Else

As the data clearly shows, a better image can lead to much higher income from your RelayRides listing. When you take the time to setup your listing, it is worth the effort to do it right. A great picture will score you an even greater income from renting your car on RelayRides.

Have you listed your car yet? What are you waiting for?